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November 26, 2015 ... Westward into the mist

Andrew and Abbey were both working yesterday, but were kind enough to lend us a car.

Mary and I took some lunch and set out along the shore of Lake Wakatipu in the direction of Glenorchy. 242 more words


Are We Born Photographers ( or is photography just easy) ??

When I was a kid, I have a lot of admiration for people taking great photos.

How can such good photos can be captured using a simple and manual camera? 147 more words


Settling in

So we’ve now lived in New Zealand for a few months and I think we’re finally settling in. ¬†We both have consistent hours at work, I commute and get mad at “tourists” for driving to slow, we know what to buy at the grocery store and know the food sacrifices we have made by being here (high sugar, sodium, fat, good cheese spicy food….flavor…FOGETABOUTIT). 249 more words


Tame Horses


As we had discovered the previous day, there wasn’t much of anything to do in Haast. When we woke up, it was raining hard. 1,939 more words


Crossing rivers and climbing mountains

One week of induction down and I am officially a Department of Conservation Ranger! I am not sure I have ever been so proud in my life. 967 more words


22 - Last 2 Standing

After a month travelling together, Laura and I, the last two members of the 22 gang had our final day togehter. As I still had the car we decided to take a trip to Glenorchy which is 45km north of Queenstown along the coast of Lake Wakatipu. 22 more words


So I finally started my new job with the Department of Conservation! This week was pretty exciting and the job is a dream! I get to work in Glenorchy, arguably one of the most scenic places in the world, and walk along trap lines or trails checking traps set for pests that are known killers of native birds. 770 more words