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A Poem of Hope

My arms become chains about me

My thoughts are the torture chamber

My throat is clogged with bad decision after another

My eyes, my eyes, my eyes burn! 92 more words


…shapes and forms coalescing to make entities entirely exist (alliteratively speaking…?!)


Of Copyrights and ISBNs

Last month I’ve formally applied for a copyright for Glimmer and got the certificate yesterday.

Some may think that securing a formal copyright may not be necessary as a work is supposedly protected the moment it is created. 792 more words

Glass Bead Glamor in a Girl's Bedroom Get Away

The pattern is subtle and the color is subdued, and makes a great backdrop for this pre-teen girl’s bedroom accent wall.

But look again in the right light, and you’ll see a lot of glitter and glimmer and shimmer in this wallpaper. 92 more words

Name quotes: Suzanne Collins

“Glimmer, I hear someone call her – ugh, the names the people in District 1 give their children are so ridiculous.” – The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins

Name Quotes

Becky’s Haiku: Glimmer of Hope

Magical sunset

Reflection shimmers casting

A hopeful glimmer.

Becky G