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I was a glimpse

of the fairy lights

hanging like a silhouette

from the walls of my chest.

I was once

the glitter captured

in a second glance. 119 more words


I think they had it right… Our souls, lives, are lights

We all have a light, that burns in us

Mine, my light, is a glimmer… 99 more words

Support Training with Glimmer

I’m back from my vacation. I had to take a micro-vacation to recover from it to be ready for fall classes, which are now underway. Glimmer is back in training, and 323 more words


Glimmer the Angel

Just after 2am this morning, I was woken from a deep sleep by 439 more words



So we were by the lake, a gentle saunter in the gathering dusk. I was, as usual, playing his verbal foil and he, well, he was his usual gruff, taciturn, dismissive self. 20 more words

Flash Fiction

Aug. 5, 2017 Update

Lacey is home with her family.  They report that she is 189 more words