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Silence Is A Noise

Deep beneath the silent waves
Watching light fade to a glimmer
Sinking down where there are no saves
Where life itself has no shimmer
Silence deadens the sounds of life… 95 more words

a glimmer of silver

My penchant for silver linings is well documented. And, truly, despite my outward sarcasm and the things that might have me jaded, that optimism is what makes it possible for me to exist, to offer myself to someone who mostly only wants my pain. 333 more words

Pieces Of Me

Photo-A-Day: Glimmer

I can’t say enough about how wonderful it always is to have my sister come visit for the weekend! It’s never long enough and I never want her to leave but I am always thankful for what time we do get to spend together! 530 more words

Daily Life

The Glimmerers

We saw them walking far away

Glimmering through the night

Shivering, shimmering

Walking through water

Faces bright and hair awash

In the glow of their own company

Glimmer Of Hope 

Glimmer -to shine in a weak, faint, or unsteady way.

Wow! What a definition! I would definitely have to say I have glimmered instead of shined lately. 815 more words

Silver Linings

Refuse to feel sorry,
to drown yourself in your own self-loathing
to focus on the hatred
of all that went wrong in your life,
refuse to be mired, 72 more words


Glimmer of hope

The faint hue of red splatters over the sky,

as the sun says its silent goodbye,

and keeps its promise to meet the night,

somewhere between the serene twilight, 12 more words