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A Heart

A heart not only breaks in an instant,
but can also shatter in many years,
crushed under the weight of bare loneliness.

Such a heart, buried, may be formed into… 54 more words


Summer Weather

Wind blew battering the trees

Furious and fast

Stirring up the leaves

Howling a gale

Rain fell swirling with the wind

Hard and wild… 53 more words

Massive Glimmer

Massive Glimmer
Author: http://www.sxc.hu
License: You can use Massive Glimmer for personal use.
For commercial use pls Make sure reading the license of this photo file… 27 more words

Glimmer: Kudo the Blue Weretiger (untitled)

This is the most developed character I have out of anything I have ever thought up. He is basically my baby out of all of my creations. 150 more words


A Guide to Glimmer: A World Unknown

A descriptive and illustrated almanac of sorts about a fantasy realm and its every wonder. This includes plants, animals, races, cultures, holidays, the calendar system and much more.



each petal
wore a glimmer
of lavender


Origins of grand proportions

In January 2014, the lofty goal of A Week in Five¬†dominated my brain the same way that a roller-coaster¬†of varied emotions dominates a McDonald’s dollar menu binge. 430 more words