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A Touch through time. My first oil painting!

I cant wait to explore this style and medium more! If you have any oil painting tips please leave a comment!

Writing Glitch #359

Today’s glitch:

When referring to a word itself, italicize it. Double quotations are an acceptable option only when italics aren’t available.

To the poor, handmade… 166 more words

Writing Glitches

Why Some Zelda Speedruns Use German And Others Use Japanese

(Source: kotaku.com)

There’s a reason Breath of the Wild is played in German. It’s just a heck of a lot faster. Speedruns use different languages and versions to cut down on time. 1,235 more words


The Archaeology of Remastering

If an ancient game series is beloved enough, it experiences a renaissance through remastering for modern hardware. We’ve seen this over the past few years with  1,442 more words


19 January 2017

Today I took a picture of a webs(notr)ite.


Invisible Request Glitch

It’s here again – you think everyone is ignoring your request when in fact they cannot see it. So after requesting please be sure to post “request below.” … 77 more words


Writing Glitch #358

Today’s glitch:

It’s not grammatically incorrect, but using on twice in that first sentence makes the sentence rather clunky. That’s why I changed the first… 199 more words

Writing Glitches