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Laissez Faire...

I have a non-interference policy. I shall not interfere with your life, unless you do first or I want something that you have and I don’t. 505 more words


Writing Glitch #323

Today’s glitch:

WTF is up with these two-dot “ellipses” I keep seeing? How can anyone think these are ever correct? Use one dot for a period to end a sentence. 91 more words

Personal Property? Only 1 dream...

I only have my dream with me. Which will always be along with me till I die. As long as I have it, I don’t need a purpose, I don’t need a god, I don’t need anything else in this world, not even hope. 65 more words


Chant. Prayer. Lucky charm. whatever...

If I just do a bit more today, I can achieve much more tomorrow. If I just complete this today, I can start something better tomorrow. 34 more words