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Untitled abstract

This started as a background for another picture I’m working on, but I ended up liking it stand alone.


Final Piece - Shoot Plan

Here is my in-depth Movement shoot plan for how I envision my final piece looking.



Writing glitch #40

Today’s glitch:

Ash rained from the sky like a grim snow. The crimson lands were desolate. A red haze filled the air, making it almost impossible to see clearly. 30 more words

Bonus "Glitch"

I do not think that word means what they think it means. Actually, I know it doesn’t mean what they think it means.

Anthropophagi means… 211 more words

Writing glitch #39

Today’s glitch:

I’ll give you a hint: all the errors are in the first sentence.

If the name of the collection/group/whatever is the Seven Deadly Sins, why would you capitalize only… 102 more words


Credit: The original photo (taken during my 2014-2015 road trip) that I used to construct this piece is from part of a larger series of murals painted by artists of the Elliston Community on the walls of Elliston Community Hall, South Australia. 12 more words