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Glitch: Kaga I

“When did you know it?” The droid leaned back into her chair, her soft, grey skin crinkling against the leather. She sipped at her neuralizer, her glowing red eyes not leaving Kaga. 3,106 more words


Writing Glitch #161

In case you found that last one too easy (“Commas in compound sentences again?”), here’s another glitch for today:

World-class is a compound adjective; so is… 165 more words

Writing Glitches

Writing Glitch #160

Today’s glitch:

A compound sentence needs a comma before the conjunction.

I’ve been to nine planets in twelve years, and it’s starting to show.

You can tell this is a compound sentence because you could delete the conjunction and make two smaller sentences: … 54 more words

Writing Glitches

The Invincible Troop Glitch

The invincibility glitch just happened again during my Rancor Defence. You can see Leia is standing on a destroyed wall – the two rancors cannot touch her so she kills them both. 35 more words

Rancor, Heroic Defence

I Can't Comment!

Some of you may or may not have noticed in the past few days that I’ve been awfully…quiet. Instead of complimenting how lovely your writing is or offering my own insight, I’ve just been liking all the posts I come across. 166 more words

Daily Fiascoes