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Dolly, Jaws, and Braces – The Latest Mandela Effect

Well, the universe is at it again, messing with our minds. Last year, I wrote a blog about the Berenstein Bears, which at that time was the most recent example of a… 1,088 more words



First time the car has done anything out of the ordinary. 292 more words


belief (again)

been way too scrambled to put together an ace/christianity zine contribution, but had a like, *Bing* yesterday of ~categories

  1. things i find comforting to believe, and (so therefore?) do…
  2. 740 more words

It Only Gets Worse - Angels

Label: Cloister Recordings

Although they have a strong record for this kind of thing, it’s not absurd to suggest that Angels may be the saddest, most downbeat recording either Matt Finney or Maurice De Jong have put their names to. 697 more words


Writing Glitch #132

Today’s (second) glitch:

This sentence has two problems.

First, my should not be capitalized.

Second, a dash used like the one in this example indicates an abrupt change in direction within the sentence, but there is no such change here. 37 more words

Writing Glitches

Writing Glitch #131

Today’s (first) glitch:

Alas, these teachers who gave the speaker such a love of the English language failed to instill an understanding of why we shouldn’t use a word if we don’t know what it means. 129 more words

Writing Glitches