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Annapurna Circuit

Another piece with nature + technology elements, this time with a┬áMotorola MC68012 processor from the 80s and a sweeping view of the Annapurna mountains. I have made many pieces like this before, almost identically, but haven’t tired of it yet. 86 more words

Digital Art

Go Jetters S2 E26: Nomads, Mongolia (S2E26)

Go Jetters S2 E26: Nomads, Mongolia (S2E26)

Nomads, Mongolia

Glitch is out on a camping expedition in Mongolia. There’s not much around except a group of Mongolian nomads. 43 more words

I'm trying...

I keep trying to make comments, to reach out to people… to be part of the conversation but for whatever reason WordPress is glitching out and wants me to just be quiet (except on my own posts). 50 more words



Just a quick note to say WP is PMSing again. I’ve been commenting on posts left, right and centre and those are all being spammed!! What a bugger! 26 more words