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Pink-a Colada - KB Shimmer

This dusty rose crelly is full of silver, blue, and holo glitters. Looks best with 3 coats.

Nail Polish

Speckle - Illamasqua

This milky purple base is full of matte purple glitters. it looks best in 2-3 coats.

Nail Polish

Of Winged Creatures and Comebacks...

Oh Dear..

Has it been more than two years since I last posted ? :O

And .. I am on WordPress instead of blogger when most people do just the opposite. 263 more words

A Day For Daisies

Fragile - Illamasqua

This milky blue crelly base contains just the right amount of matte black glitter of various sizes. The end effect looks like a robin’s egg on the nail. 18 more words

Nail Polish

Crimson Nebula - Rainbow Honey

This one’s a twinkly holographic red glitter. It’s lighter and brighter than it appears in the bottle when you use 2-3 coats. More will deepen the color, but RH’s formulas can be a bit thick. 6 more words

Nail Polish

Light it up

I’ve found the solution for my lighting problem in my new apartment—figuring out my camera settings to make my photos more flash-friendly, and a lightbox! I’ve since taken a looooot of photos with the lightbox (but have yet to post them because I’ve been lazy as sin), and it’s pretty fantastic. 217 more words


Muse - Zoya

Muse’s base color is blue, but the gold, blue, and green glitters gives it an overall teal effect. It has a fantastic formula like most Zoyas do and looks its best in 2-3 coats.

Nail Polish