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PotatoParcel, an Excess Mail Pioneer, is For Sale

There’s a new sector of the tech economy that’s taking shape right now, and one of its pioneer websites is up for sale. Alex Craig is selling… 496 more words


Love it or Hate it...... Lets make some Glitter bombs


So there is a service on the net allowing you to glitter your enemy anonymously. Funny stuff glitter people of all ages love it and as many people seem to hate it. 271 more words

Ship Your Enemies Glitter Founder Was Drunk During Interviews With Press

The creator of the Ship Your Enemies Glitter stunt has admitted he was drunk while reporters attempted to interview him about his dubious company.

Mathew Carpenter, … 675 more words


Cruel and Unusual Punishment

I worked as a camp counselor for five years at a town recreation day camp.  And over those five years, I worked with every grade from 1st through 8th.  187 more words


The Imitation Xbox Game - Episode 117


The guys discuss Jeff’s review of The Imitation Game starring Benedict Cumberbatch.  A meth drone crashes in Mexico.  Windows 10 will let you play Xbox games on the PC.   14 more words


The Glitter Bomb

The gift that keep on giving

There are many ways of getting dirty and as many ways of cleaning up. We humans have discovered a way to clean up everything under the sun. 484 more words

Rebekah: Send A Glitter Bomb To Your Enemies

Glitter bombs are the new and improved way to get back at people you hate.

[cbs-audio-player title=”Send a Glitter Bomb to Your Enemies” artist=”Jody Dean” download=false image=” 190 more words