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Legal Theft Flash Fiction: Retribution (435 words)

Alex did not consider himself a particularly panicky person.

Honestly, he was the kind of person who drove his gas tank down to fumes, and ate pork after the sell-by date on a regular basis. 439 more words


Dress Like A Kid

I had a major breakthrough in therapy a few weeks ago.

I know, that’s the biggest red flag for “EXTREMELY PERSONAL AND YET SOMEHOW SIMULTANEOUSLY BORING SHIT AHEAD! 757 more words

The Lazy Girls way to decorate for Valentines Day

Brutal honesty…sometimes I don’t want to decorate. GASP! There I said it.  I help people decorate their homes, their furniture and yet sometimes (usually after the holidays) I just don’t feel like doing it. 535 more words

Cómo Decorar Galletas De Copos De Nieve Con Isomalt y Filigrana

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Aprende a decorar estas lindas galletas de Copo de Nieve utilizando la técnica de filigrana y de Isomalt. 203 more words

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Best and Worst Trends of 2017

Let’s talk trends. There’s the trends that we love that we just keep bringing back and the trends we wish never happened at all. This series that I’m calling ‘ 823 more words


Dark pink eyeshadow with gold glitter🌟

This is a bit different from my normal posts,let me know of you want to see more makeup picture looks🌝🌚

~Blondie Xx



(yet another underpaid re-enactor)

when at the salon recently

my stylist was combing out my hair and asked:

“why do you have glitter in your hair?” 148 more words