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Glittery Tuesday ✨✨

Perhaps throw coffee in my face, let me have better sleep and kick off bad dreams 😤



Shine Beautiful

It shines and shimmers
Sparkles in the light
Holds great riches
Not of gold nor finance
Of much more importance
Laughter of playing children
The eyes of a special one… 24 more words


Vignette: Far Far Away

The ocean air didn’t feel quite right to Anna, so she waved it away with a twirl of her fingers. She shielded her eyes against the morning sunlight and looked out to the islands in the distance. 77 more words


Painting a Galaxy

A couple weeks ago I texted my bestie’s daughter about an art collab. I said hey, let’s paint something. She asked what, I said your choice, and she picked galaxies. 6 more words


To Glitter or Not to Glitter--Hmmm.

Glitter. Love it or hate it. I personally love how everything sparkles and shines when you add a little or a lot of glitter! Those tiny particles of light reflection in every shape and color. 167 more words

DIY Painting

Re-Framing Missed Opportunities

We walk past them like the unpopular kids from high school. There they stand incredulous to the idea we would dismiss them so completely. Heads drop, shoulders sink, defeated. 1,053 more words


Faith and Trust

The magic of you

will inspire me ever day.

Faith, trust, and pixi dust,

and a bit of Disney Magic.

You changed me,

you grew me, 66 more words