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Soup Fairy

Day 252 – Soup Fairy

I arranged finely grated cheese on my tomato soup this evening to create today’s fairy.


Post-It Note Fairy

Day 251 – Post-It Note Fairy

Today’s fairy has been created by sticking small yellow post-it notes onto my corkboard.


Blueberry Fairy

Day 247 – Blueberry Fairy

Created by arranging some fresh blueberries on our marble chopping board.


Bubble Fairy

Day 246 – Bubble Fairy

Drawn in the washing up bowl using clean water and bubbles as my medium, I arranged the silhouette of today’s fairy using a teaspoon. 8 more words


Life Drawing Fairy

Day 245 – Life Drawing Fairy

Drawn in black fineliner on red card. I copied a pose from a picture of mine from one of my life drawings classes and added some wings.


Sketchy Fairy

Day 242 – Sketchy Fairy

Drawn using a fine HB pencil in an A5 sketchpad.


Glow in the Dark Fairy

Day 235 – Glow in the Dark Fairy

Drawn using Glow in the dark paint straight from the tube, I was pleasantly surprised how brightly today’s fairy glowed in the dark. 14 more words