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Weather Relativity

I live near Tallahassee, Florida. Today I’m out piddling around town until it’s time to check in at the Tallahassee Animal Shelter for my weekly gig as a volunteer kitten cuddler. 112 more words


Suck it Broncos

That mouthpiece is about as scary as a baby in bubble wrap. Merry Christmas, fucktards.

Lazy C in Hog Heaven

Although results will not be certified for several days, our local Democrat Party mouthpiece, the Lazy C (the Columbian) is elated to see their quest and hate of County Councilor, as well as tons of ink used since November 2012 bashing the duly elected County Commissioners they dislike has worked. 995 more words

Clark County Issues

All she has done is throw away a friend for life

All she has done is throw away a friend for life. I would have been her friend for life, always ready and happy to help her whenever she needed it. 276 more words

#Gamergaters and 8channers using #AshleyMadison leak to go after "SJWs," game developers

Demonstrating the keen grasp of ethics for which they are so well-known, an assortment of assholes and trolls associated with #GamerGate and 8chan are eagerly sorting through the Ashley Madison data dump in search of people to smear. 201 more words


The others might gloat, but not forever

Israel’s future restoration: Jeremiah 32–33, 30–31

The Israelites had been able to avoid being totally destroyed because God wasn’t willing to give the surrounding nations (and their gods) anything to gloat over. 138 more words