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Champions of the champions of England

I reckon this guy’s onto something…

Not totally sure on this so don’t quote me but I think this makes us reigning EPL champions.

— DvdItly (@DvdItly) …

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Roma/Italian Calcio


This, as you know, is a football blog. Not a politics blog.

It would not be at all appropriate to make any comment whatsoever here that relates in any way to the change of government that has just occurred in New Zealand. 331 more words


...and it was worth the wait.

This is what happens when you’re a Pisces and read things at 4:23AM. Boy, am I one lucky lady. 😭🖤

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Celebrating Without Gloating: Thoughts on If It's Possible & How to Celebrate Your Successes

Hello, World.

Have you ever had a friend who constantly gloated? Have you ever been that friend? People often get annoyed when people celebrate their own successes, and it’s a fine line between celebrating our triumphs and being the “gloating” friend who stops being invited to things because she’s too self-involved. 885 more words


Galloway - at long last - gets his!

Andrew Coates reports:

Call to Court to Declare George Galloway Bankrupt.

I used to be George Galloway you know!

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