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Secular Conventions I'm (Possibly) Going To in the Near Future

A bunch of secular conferences are happening over the next few months. Here is a somewhat comprehensive list of all the ones that I am (possibly) going to, so if you would like to meet me at one of these, now you know and can stalk me like the creepers you all are. 238 more words


Inspiration from the 2012 Global Atheist Convention

It’s 2012, and records are being broken. First it was the Reason rally, which drove tens of thousands of people to Washington, D.C., and made it the largest atheist/secular gathering in world history. 272 more words


GAC coverage, parts IV & V

Part IV of my coverage of the Global Atheist Convention (and fringe) has been viewable online over here at B&W for a few days. Apologies for the late update, I’ve been quite busy away from the computer in my spare time, owing to something being put down a toilet that didn’t belong there… 37 more words


One Global Atheist Convention Experience

About this video:

Published on Apr 19, 2012 by djarm67

Here is a compilation of photos and video from our weekend at the GAC (Global Atheist Convention).

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Matthew 7:6 – PIGSLOP OR PEARLS?

Matthew 7:6 – PIGSLOP OR PEARLS?

Atheist Richard Dawkins was in Australia recently for the GLOBAL ATHEIST CONVENTION which started in Melbourne on Good Friday. Dawkins is well-known for encouraging his fellow atheists to ridicule those who claim to be Christians. 890 more words


Dispatches from the GAC (and fringe), Part III

It’s the longest post in the series, because it covers both the longest day of the convention, and the gala dinner afterward. I like to think it’s worth your time and consideration.

~ Bruce


Global Atheist Convention tribute to Hitch...

This is the tribute they played for Christopher Hitchens at the Global Atheist Convention in Australia.

Textbook brilliance….