Global Cardboard Challenge 2014

This year our third grade students participated in the annual Global Cardboard Challenge, inspired by the documentary Caine’s Arcade. Coinciding perfectly with our school-wide theme Think, Create, Innovate, our technology team has been busy transforming our traditional lab into an innovation studio and maker space. 114 more words

Global Cardboard Challenge Comes to Roboticon Tampa Bay!

As if Roboticon wasn’t awesome enough by itself, we’re throwing some cardboard in the mix! It’s the Global Cardboard Challenge, to be precise, organized by Roboticon Tampa Bay partner, the  231 more words


Global Cardboard Challenge 2014

Since many people are returning to school during the next couple of weeks, I thought I would re-visit and share some of last year’s more successful projects in case you want to try one.   429 more words


Theme Park Game

This summer, some other GT teachers and I got together to host some free online classes through Edmodo for our 3rd-5th graders.  My class is called, “Make a Theme Park.”  Each week, the students are invited to make something for a theme park that they have imagined. 398 more words


Tried and True - Global Cardboard Challenge

On this blog, I tend to post about a lot of ideas that I find, and some readers don’t always get a chance to know if I ever tried them – or if they were complete flops.   318 more words


That's Not a Box!

One of my favorite books to read to my Kinder GT class when we talk about Inventor Thinking is Christina Katerina and the Box by Patricia Gauch.   190 more words


Storybook: Stories of Creativity to Inspire You

Remember Caine’s Arcade? In that viral moment, a chance encounter between a young boy with a cardboard arcade and a filmmaker became an Internet phenomenon. 206 more words

Creative Thinking Strategies