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Review: What Good Is God?

What Good is God: In Search of a Faith that Matters
by Philip Yancey

Does God matter? I mean, sure, Jesus died and all that, but does any of it matter today? 476 more words

Day 41: 50 Days of Impact

The global Church is made up of many groups of churches. All those who have accepted Jesus salvation call and are living for Him are part of this global Church. 410 more words


Me, Ali, and The Fourth of July

In the hustle and bustle of the July fourth celebration I write this blog.  I just got back from seeing fireworks in a nearby neighborhood. In my hunt for dinner, I met Ali a 68-year old Pakistani owner of a pizza parlor, which happened to be the only food stall open while people were getting ready to see fireworks. 766 more words

"God Bless America!" (and other dangerous prayers)

by Jonathan

I love America.

I love her mountains and her National Parks. I love her North Atlantic coastline and her national anthem. I love her freedom of speech and her universities. 85 more words


The Summer Rain

May he be like rain that falls on the mown grass, like showers that water the earth. (Psalm 72:6)

Okay, I miss my good friend. After thinking through what I would post this time, I decided to recount a story from summer last year. 622 more words

Brokenness That Connects Us

The world is obsessed with domination over others. Check out relationships among nations or world sport events such as the Olympic. All narratives are saturated by obsessions of domination. 472 more words

That night we sang, danced, prayed, and feasted together. That was the second time our Russian friend had us over at her place, 910 Pershing Avenue. 448 more words