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I Go Back to Limón Because of Love

By Sam Lauten, VI Form

I Go Back to Limón Because of Love

“Reading is just not a part of the culture here.” I blinked at the man standing before me, not quite sure how to respond. 1,040 more words


Keiko Itoh -Over 3 Continents


According to her biography on her website, Keiki Itoh is a Japanese born writer and interpreter who lives in London. 292 more words

Global Citizenship

#YehHaiKarachi - How Young Artists View Their Beloved City

Karachi is gigantic with massive number of people, cultures, traditions, beliefs, practices, views – both appealing & depressing – it’s a place of thousand stories; or maybe more… 350 more words

Children: Our Most Passionate Children's Rights Campaigners

Attitudes towards children have undoubtedly moved on significantly in the last century. From objects of concern who were seen as the property of their parents, to subjects and beings in their own right, our children’s place in society continues to develop. 787 more words

Fighting For Human Rights

Show a little empathy and unity

Empathy: the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

Increasingly, I find myself frustrated by the lack of empathy shown towards others, and having discussed this several times over the last week, I felt compelled to write about it. 714 more words

Fighting For Human Rights

Global citizenship education: transitions into and beyond the academic community

Alison Leslie, a Teaching Fellow from the University of Leeds, is going to deliver (remotely from China so fingers crossed for technology working!) a talk on global citizenship education. 334 more words