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Learning to protest with words

Thus far 2017 has been a year of protests, sprouting up in response to shifts in political tides. But, given the rifts in ideological and political viewpoints currently creating divisions within countries, it is notable that these shifts have not developed into widespread civil unrest. 771 more words

Is everyone as understanding as you? I’d love to know please share your thoughts during experience.

Global Citizenship

Pontifex’s Biological Extinction Conference (III)

We have triggered this major extinction event. The question therefore is how to stop it. cc: @Pontifex @POTUS @CNN @UN @ABC

Extinctions, being irreversible, as threats to civilization are greater than climate change.  159 more words

Cybernetic Education

I am a current. Fluidlike, one to be reckoned with.

Global Citizenship

CCE in the News: Global Citizenship at the UN

The Global Citizenship Program and the LU/UN Partnership were at the United Nations last week to participate in a briefing on global citizenship education. Check out the archived video with many wonderful questions from our students and a statement from our faculty director!



You are never rated fairly

Even when the details are laid out

Standards are not equitable

When you have advanced assignments

Only time as it runs it course is equivocal

Global Citizenship

Speeding up the pace of change

If the world is changing at the pace of a hare, education is moving at tortoise speed. And in this real life tale, I don’t think the tortoise is going to win unless he gets some bionic legs. 102 more words