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Four things President Trump should remember for his first speech abroad

From his decision to host Chinese president Xi Jinping at his home in Mar-a-Lago Florida to his apparent refusal to shake Angela Merkel’s hand during her recent visit to the White House, President Trump has been forging his own path when it comes to US foreign relations, bucking tradition and instead providing his own personal brand of public diplomacy. 917 more words

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It’s a New World: Rewriting Donald Trump’s Twitter

It’s no secret that the prominence and importance of social media has grown tremendously in the last decade. Facebook, Instagram and particularly Twitter have become key tools in political engagement of all sorts. 781 more words

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Event Recap: Explaining Our New Cold War With Russia: Can Trump End It?

Just a day after Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from any investigations into the Trump’s campaign contact with Russia, the Institute for Public Diplomacy & Global Communication… 1,400 more words

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staff members of the slovak and slovenian embassies meet once a month to exchange incorrectly addressed mail.

close enough, but alas, two very different places.  26 more words


Protecting victims

After multiple violent acts published or shared in Global Media against young students, citizens, children and women in United States, Australia and Spain, where the life of the victims would probably have a better end after suffering the risk of being attacked or molested by unstable ex-husbands or aggressive classmates. 720 more words

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The Okinawa Base Debate: A Microcosm of Contesting Narratives

The U.S. crafted the existing international system after World War II. This system carries on today through existing norms, treaties, and international bodies. In the unique case of Japan, U.S.

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When Public Diplomacy Is a Bad Joke: The importance of in-groups and out-groups to the successful use of humor by diplomats

Derision is a complicated thing. At its most sophomoric, derision is little more than blowing raspberries on the playground – good for a laugh at someone’s expense but without much of a point. 920 more words

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