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Student Highlight: Dimitra Hatzudia, Global Communication

Dimitra Hatzudis Is a current Global Communication student with a focus in public diplomacy.  Before joining the Elliott School, Dimitra completed a BA in Political Science and Global Studies from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  141 more words


Student Highlight: Anna McCracken, Global Communication

Hello readers! My name is Anna McCracken, an incoming Global Communication student.  As an undergrad, I never pictured myself pursuing this path, but after working in the communications field for two years, I am certain that this program will give me a great balance of international relations knowledge and strategic communications skills. 245 more words


Poststructuralist feminist viewpoint and nationalism


Stacy Cacciatore

Queens University

The postmodern and poststructuralist feminist viewpoint was an important scholarship that drove awareness that the Anglo-Euro middle class male was privileged and their viewpoint dominated media. 877 more words

COMM 638

Skype your way to learning

As a musician, I used to think that there were some things that could never be taught online. For example, learning to play a musical instrument seemed to call for a face-to-face interaction without question. 437 more words


Social Media and me: What is a hashtag and how do I work it?

  1. When I am looking into something new, I, like many, start with google.

    It is a quick way to get initial answers to your question. …

  2. 431 more words

Funky Jeff

Funky Jeff – Global Communication Mix

01) What the future will sound like ?

02) Tangerine dream – Love on a real train – chill remix… 81 more words

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