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An Image to Attest: Omran Daqneesh

Staff Writer

Omran Daqneesh sat silently, with his feet barely dangling of the ambulance chair, amidst the rubble that was left by a recent airstrike that hit his city of Aleppo. 837 more words

Sword And Shield

The Disturbing Signs of Global Conflict Continue To Gather Pace

Source: Stratgic-Culture.org, by Graham Vanbergen

The signs are ominous, the rhetoric constant. Whichever way you look at it, the world is slowly descending into an ever greater spiral of conflict.  513 more words

World At WAR

"The other legacy of Robert McNamara"

On the occasion of former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara’s 100th birth anniversary last month, I wrote an essay on McNamara and the rise of economics as a conceptual tool for war-planning. 199 more words

Nuclear Proliferation

The changing dynamics of global conflicts and Kashmiri youth

There is much debate on Kashmir, post the killing of the Kashmiri Youth Burhan Wani by the security forces. As each one in India takes stated positions and remains locked there we forget that the worldwide dynamics is different and extends beyond just the regular bhakt and liberal kind of spats that Indians indulge in on twitter and Fb. 597 more words


Music Makes The World Go 'Round

I only vaguely remember most of my time in fifth grade. There are some isolated specific memories, but the rest is a blur of whiteboards, desks, and the bright colors seemingly inherent to the typical middle school classroom. 1,438 more words

Creative Nonfiction

Reform of Earth

According to scientists and anthropologists, the planet Earth was formed 4.6 billion years ago while humans, there are about 200 thousand, ie less than 0.01% of the earth’s history. 1,742 more words

Planetary Transition And Regenation

6 Reasons To Expect A Major War During Our Next President’s Term

The next president of the United States will most likely have to deal with a major military conflict during his or her presidency. Although we tend to believe that wars arise primarily out of human failings in actuality humans have little to do with the causes of war. 1,628 more words

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