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David Icke in Slovania on Awakening Masses and Global Control

David Icke – Interview with Slovenia’s Number 1 Prime Time Chat Show

“…we’re headed into a global stage that more and more mirrors what George Orwell was writing about in 1984…it’s becoming more and more obvious as our freedom’s are taken away, as our ability to have freedom of expression is taken away, as we’ve seen with this latest Wikileaks batch of leaked files, people are being watched through their televisions, through their smart TVs…what’s starting to happen is that the veil is lifting on the scale of control.

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David Icke: Are You Listening Yet? Because THEY Are

“Not only do conspiracies happen, but we are drowning in them.
Big Brother is not coming, Big Brother is here.
Let no one, surely, believe anymore that the here-today-gone-tomorrow politicians — whether Bush, Obama, Trump…any of them — are where the power is.

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