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AIM Cats Find Another British Swamp Rat Ready to Meddle in U. S. Elections

Sith Lords of the Privy Council Revealed

To continue your citizen education, check out these intel drops about the nefarious globalists who hide behind the Queen’s skirts as they meddle in U. 53 more words

Global Control

AIM4Truth Caller 'Bob' Calls Alex Jones and Tells Story of Leader Technologies and Theft of Trade Secrets

Here are the Miller Act Notice documents that Leader shareholders have been sending to the White House.

Daria and Alex (referring to the Alex Jones staff that ‘Bob’ spoke to on the phone) can help ensure that the President has seen these. 69 more words


China is our enemy. Learn why.

Trump could end it all in a BLINK

To review the Alibaba filings at the SEC, go to http://www.sec.gov and search for Alibaba. Here is the link we used for our research: … 100 more words


What is Softbank? Patriots need to know!

Softbank is by far the largest shareholder of Alibaba (Ant Financial, Alipay) (28.8%)

Conclusion: American and globalist bankers run China’s SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE system built by Hillary’s ACXIOM & ENTRUST… 110 more words


How the Elites Hide Their Wealth in the British Medieval System of TRUST

Post submitted by AIM4Truth Ulrich S.

New details on the BIG Ponzi debt scheme of the real ruling elite groups pop up in great documentaries. 700 more words


Learn how Prison Planet operates

Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben explain how digital tyranny is already rolled out and is leading us to digital tyranny. What is happening in China with the social credit scoring is already in place here in the U.S. 158 more words

Global Control