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“Man Caused” Global Warming ??? Percent of our planet humans occupy and other stuff

This is about why humans may NOT be affecting global climate.

Doesn’t it make sense to look beyond those scary coal-fired industrial plants and those smokey diesels blocking our way on the interstate to see the larger picture? 4,762 more words


30,000+ Scientists Declare “Climate Change Hoax”

97% of Scientists DON’T Agree With “Climate Change”

By Dr. Tom Barrett

Obama and the Liberals have claimed for years that 97% of scientists believe in the fake science of “Climate Change.” It turns out that is just another big lie, as recent surveys prove. 840 more words


Milo on Climate Change

I’ll admit, I’m no Breitbart fan, but I am quickly becoming a Milo fan…

The Leftist Progressive is slowly (though I wish more rapidly) becoming… 94 more words

Global Cooling

Lettuce shortages and global cooling John Casey Cold Sun Dark Winter

Lettuce shortages and rationing at the supermarkets may sound funny to some, but it should warn us about a really serious issue arising.   The Global warming fraud could cost many life’s as food shortages become more evident due to a cooling world and lower crop productions. 203 more words


Global Warming Zealots, brace yourselves.... #lmao

Another brill post by the ever keen Mr Christopher Booker mates.

” –China and India formally notified the UN that, to keep their economies growing, they intend between them to build more than 800 new coal-fired power stations; and that by 2030 – as already the world’s first and third largest emitters of CO2 – they plan to double and treble those emissions. 27 more words


Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (AMO) January 2017

The Atlantic Ocean is a good indication of a warming or cooling world.  We have been brainwashed into believing that man is warming the planet, rather than the true cause which is a warming and cooling sun. 149 more words