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Picky Science

After analyzing 7-million-year-old fossilized teeth, researchers have found that megalodon was a picky eater.

Paleontologists discovered that this massive creature preferred to eat only dwarf whales – and say this limited diet may have led to its demise some 2.6 million years ago. 94 more words


Federal Permits Will Allow Wind Farms to Kill More Bald Eagles

 Save the fuckin Delta Smelt and Snail Darter but kill the Bald Eagle!!! This country is so fucked up I can’t believe it. Thank God we have a chance to change some things with the election of Donald J Trump for POTUS.

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Global Warming Cult

Lawrence Solomon: Proof that a new ice age has already started is stronger than ever, and we couldn’t be less prepared

(December 22, 2016) An underheated planet is a threat humans have repeatedly faced over the last millennium, and now we’re due again. 774 more words

Climate Change