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Note: Population statistics and projections compiled for major corporations at Deagel.com for the year 2025, show a significant reduction in the global population with the US having an estimated population of 53 million.  380 more words

The Matrix

How Google and MSM Use “Fact Checkers” to Flood Us with Fake Claims

By Leo Goldstein – Re-Blogged From http://www.WattsUpWithThat.com

The Left implemented a novel technique of the Big Lie that I will call a Flooding Fake here.  This technique was especially widely used by climate alarmism.  1,696 more words

CAGW Alarmism

Giant Eruption at Bali Volcano Could Unleash Global Cooling at Scale Unseen for Decades

More volcanic activity, that could lead to worldwide consequences. Disruption of trade, transportation, etc, as well as the dangerous immediate geological effects.


Lettuce in January? "Varieties for the Grand Solar Minimum" ~ IAF

I am frequently asked, “What are the best crops/varieties to grow for the Grand Solar Minimum?” The more I learn about the depth of heirloom varieties, and the different properties for which they have been selected, the more I see them as a highly varied toolbelt from which we can creatively select to fill needs. 68 more words

Damage Control in the Media as Temperatures Drop, Clouds Increase and Arctic Snows Intensify (218) ~ Adapt2030

Published in Sept 2016, but contains relevant data and links on global cooling and climate change.

Damage control as clouds increase, snow storms intensify and now to explain it all away new stories stating global warming will result in more snow in the arctic, stronger snow storms and a cease to Greenland Ice cap melting. 210 more words

GSM Update 10/28/17 - Bardarbunga Volcano Rumbles - Record Snow & Hail - Tanzania Flooding

A record-breaking snowfall in British Columbia knocked out power and shut down roads on Tuesday, October 24. A total of 23 centimeters, or nine inches, fell, which broke the record of 15.2 centimeters, according to a news report. 279 more words

Former NOAA Climatologist David Dilley: Definitive Dates for the Onset of Major Global Cooling (FULL)

David Dilley of globalweathercycles.com and globalweatheroscillations.com provides the last piece of the puzzle to give definitive dates for the onset of major global cooling, where 2019-2020 will be the first really cold year, with another amplification in 2020-2021, bringing cold on a scale we have not seen in generations. 278 more words