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Global Warming/Climate Change/Global Cooling is nothing but a money making opportunity

“Based on our analysis, a middle-of-the-road warming scenario is more likely, at least for now,” Patrick Brown, a doctoral student at Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment, said in a statement.

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Global Warming

Global warming is the big lie… One that use to be Global cooling… Now its just Climate Change… How about we call it what it is, Nature…

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Global Warming

The denigration of Anthropogenesis

AGW.  Anthropogenic Global Warming.  ACC.  Anthropogenic Climate Change.  Anthropogenic ANYTHING.  I have discovered it is interesting to look up the word Anthropogenic on the web and see what you find. 968 more words

Global Warming

A 2C Increase Means We Are All Dead by 2050

A 2C Increase Means We Are All Dead by 2050 or close to it, according to the alarmists. Yet the planet has been warmer than that not only in the recent human past, but also in the geological deep time past. 1,283 more words


Coldest in more than 100 years in northeastern U.S. | Ice Age Now

Coldest in more than 100 years in northeastern U.S.

by ROBERT on APRIL 14, 2015 · 4 COMMENTS

“Is New England on the cusp of the new Ice Age??” asks reader. 55 more words


Wal-Mart’s closure

Wal-Mart officials said the closure list included five stores, including Tampa, but declined to list others. According to local media reports in other cities, the list includes: 137 more words


Alex Jones right on depopulation

Its pretty sad when you realize that Alex Jones may have been right.  ‘Mr. Conspiracy Theory’ has been going after centralized government his whole career and while I admire his tenacity I’ve always taken his claims to be ‘out there.’  He has developed a well earned reputation as the premier conspiracy theorist in modern media. 424 more words