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The Year Without a Summer — 200th Anniversary — Frankenstein’s Birthday

Year without a summer — 1816

A year without a summer? I’m afraid so. Two hundred years ago this summer, the northern hemisphere did not enjoy the hot season we normally experience between spring and autumn. 1,108 more words

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Patterns in Climate Change — Global Warming Should Not Have Been a Surprise

Patterns in climate change can prove fascinating. I’m beginning to see why climate scientists love their work.

Part of the joy of reviewing data over and over again is the growing sense of discovering what has already been discovered. 986 more words

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Global Cooling — Bad for Business

Global Cooling Can Be Deadly

Global cooling, deadly? Imagine for a moment that some natural disaster strikes Earth and you lose 99% of your clients, most of your suppliers, and virtually all of your business infrastructure. 1,672 more words

Global Warming

Does Climate Change Ever Get Better? What About Global Cooling?

Have you ever noticed that the media only talks about climate change being bad? I mean, we’ve had climate change for 4.5 Billion years, and we have to ask, “Was none of that good?” Oh, please! 2,366 more words

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CIA : "Climatological Research as it Pertains to Intelligence Problems"

“For 250 years most of the world suffered major economic and political unrest which could be directly or indirectly attributed to the climate of the neo-boreal era.

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What Kind of People Promote Global Cooling in an Ice Age?

Who would ask such a crazy question?

Me, for one. For the last couple of decades, the United Nations and a lot of rich and powerful people have been pushing the idea of “fearing” warmth and cooling down the planet. 876 more words

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