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Aurora Borealis Warning the Climate May Turn Sharply Colder into 2032 | Armstrong Economics

There may actually be a confirmation that we are heading into a much colder climate. The Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights, can now be seen in the UK. 316 more words


Australia - Oz Choice Seasons & By Month

In a comment on a prior thread (h/t CementAFriend), it was requested to use seasons shifted one month to better align with the experience of folks living in Australia. 667 more words

AGW Science And Background

GHCN v3.3 Continents by Season

In the prior posting I was looking at all months of the data, by continent (region) and that’s 84 graphs. (12 x 7 = 84). That’s a bit much to post. 1,889 more words

AGW Science And Background

Global Cooling: The Real Climate Threat

Source: Vijay Jayaraj

Climate alarmists constantly warn us that man-made global warming is making our world less habitable and that climate doomsday is fast approaching.  But a closer look at our climate reveals a surprising climate discovery that our mainstream media have conveniently ignored for decades: the role of the sun in determining Earth’s climate. 825 more words


Anomaly By Continent Graphs GHCN v3.3

In an earlier posting I created an anomalies table (temperature – average(temperature) by month by station) and then produced some SQL reports from it. Those are rather long and a mess to read (though the details can be very interesting). 874 more words

AGW Science And Background

The truth about chemtrails & their dangers (Dr H.J. Kugler)


Published on Mar 6, 2014


http://www.ihealthtube.com Dr. Hans Kugler discusses chemtrails and give his reasons as to why they’re being used. He distinguishes the difference between contrails and discusses some of the chemicals being used in chemtrails.

Photo Credit: Marian Sutherland


GHCN v3.3 Anomaly By Continent

This is to some extent about anomalies in general. Basically, subject to a bit more detailed QA work (i.e. taking a significant sample of station data and computing the anomalies by hand then comparing with the result of my SQL script) I think I’m gotten a nice table of all the GHNC v3.3 data into the form of anomalies. 2,134 more words

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