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Is the world entering a mini-ice age?

In a bit of surprising move, England’s MET Office admits there is a possibility the world could be entering a mini-ice age — at this point they only believe there is 15% to 20% chance this will happen. 535 more words


Global Cooling is a Hoax

I had a post in draft for a long time about how “they used to call it Global Cooling”. My post would have explained that in my opinion, just because scientists currently have a different opinion than the one they had over 30 years ago about how all the gasses and particles that we’re spewing into our atmosphere are affecting our climate, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t pay attention to them now. 387 more words

Misleading Statements And Lies

When did the Earth start to experience climate change?

If our civilization existed during the era of Pangaea, I can hear Obama saying “we need to heal the continent and prevent its drifting apart. Continental drift is a national security issue.” Does this sound like the climate change issue? 979 more words

Climate Change

Dead giveaway

It’s how this type of story is treated by the media which demonstrates the problem.


The headline reads “Study Predicts Decades of Global Cooling Ahead”. 257 more words