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Catherine Austin Fitts: The Debt Game Is Over ~ Greg Hunter

Note: NOW is the time to PREPARE for imminent economic collapse – BEFORE precious metals break out of market suppression and spot prices go vertical. Silver broke free and is at $20 oz, BUY NOW from SD Bullion at 49cents over spot before prices soar and supplies run-out. 581 more words

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Rob Kirby-Dollar Devaluation Clock About to Strike Midnight ~ Greg Hunter

Could there be a dramatic and overnight reduction in the value of the dollar? Kirby contends, “I think this is coming in very short order now. 442 more words

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Harley Schlanger from LaRouchePAC joins me for an economic and geopolitical update. Harley warns that negative interest rates is a banking term for theft, and Harley warns “If they start letting the banks steal deposits, what you are looking at is a chain reaction collapse that will wipe everyone out.” But Harley also believes that the Bankster Oligarchs are ripe for a fall, but it will require AMERICAN PATRIOTS to rise up and TAKE them down. 140 more words

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Bix Weir-Mass Awakening Followed By Chaos ~ Greg Hunter

Gold and silver analyst Bix Weir says the next huge financial calamity all starts with “a mass awakening followed by chaos.” Weir contends, “People keep asking how will the people wake up? 192 more words

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