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Enhancing Global Citizenship in (Future) Leaders

“Abstract colour pencil”. Artist: tigger11th  Image Source: Freedigitalphotos.net

The shift is moving us from a culture of mind to a culture of heart where we are connected on a much more profound level with each other (Jay Weidner)

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“Don’t be who ISIS wants you to be”: Bloggers on Paris and Beirut

Others can better express these things than I. Hence, the repost of these important ideas:

Bloggers in France, Lebanon, and beyond share their stories, analyses, and art after a week of violence. 75 more words

Curious David

NSTA -- WT Science Teachers Connect in Philadelphia

Philadelphia has a long history of being a center for scientific research from the days of Benjamin Franklin and Benjamin Rush and the founding of the American Philosophical Society through to the city’s hosting of important conferences on science and being home to important scientific and medical advances. 301 more words

Action Based Education

MHC receives award for global education

This week marks the 16th anniversary of International Education Week and yesterday in Washington, DC, MHC President Lynn Pasquerella ’80 accepted the 2015 Senator Paul Simon Award for excellence in international education on behalf of the College. 89 more words


looking for solace amid the chaos; love this essay and all of its message...

Lots to think about here as we navigate these waters of compassion, conflict, outrage, sadness and optimism. I like the idea of more quiet. Time to think.

onbeing blog: omid-safi-where-does-it-hurt-o-city-of-light

21st Century Education

Children in Need Day

There is much excitement among the animals at Hazel Wood and Lydlynch today as we get set for an exciting day of collaboration between our schools whilst supporting the fantastic Children in Need charity. 37 more words