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3/4J @MichelleObama Is an Advocate For Girls Going To School. Lets Learn From Her #education #globaled

Michelle Obama sings the praises of girls’ education with TV host James Corden


3/4J as we learn about the importance of education there is no better person to learn from the Americas First Lady Michelle Obama. 79 more words

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Global Student Leadership Award

The World Affairs Council of Connecticut is in its second year of giving out Global Student Leadership Awards to high school graduates. These students have demonstrated high interest in global affairs and have gone above and beyond to get involved in global affairs. 1,125 more words

Let's Explore How many Children Are Not In School Around The World @aworldatschool #globaled

3/4J Mrs Joyce has located a fabulous tool that you can interact with and find our more about children who are not attending education around the world. 60 more words

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Inquiry: Must See - What Does School Mean To You #globaled #education #inquiry #aussieED

3/4J we are going to watch the following video and we are going to make our own video about what education means to us. We have learnt so much her the past few weeks about education around the world. 29 more words

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@aworldatschool Shares Syria's Childrens Courage For Education #Globaled #education #‎SafeSchools‬

What would you do if the only way you could sit for your high school exams was to travel for 13 hours through countless checkpoints manned by heavily armed fighters? 103 more words

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Reading: Inferring-The Olympics Are Just Around The Corner #globaled #olympics #Rio2016

As the Olympics in Rio De Janeiro Draw closer. Mrs Joyce, her love for Rio and wish of being there again watches from the couch as people arrive. 108 more words

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The Real Peru: Locals Celebrate #globaled #education #globaleducation #globalclassrooms

The Real Peru

3/4J we have been looking at cultures and education around the world. One of Mrs Joyce’s best friends Mrs Price contacted me tonight to share this fabulous video. 110 more words

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