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Knock, Knock, Who there? 2015

Happy New Year to one and all.

As a species, we are social beings who live out our lives in the company of other humans. We organize ourselves into various kinds of social groupings, such as nomadic bands, villages, cities, and countries, in which we work, trade, play, reproduce, and interact in many other ways. 1,249 more words

Food for Thought-3 Leadership Lessons from Hans Kung

Hans Kung is one of the pioneers of ecumenical theology in the Roman Catholic Church.  He’s also been a thorn in the side  of the Vatican establishment for many years because of his persistence in asking fair and honest questions about theology, scripture, and history.  382 more words

Food For Thought

“Scandal is gossip made tedious by morality” wrote Oscar Wilde. Let’s hope we’re not stuck with gossip.

NHS care abuse, MPs lobbying, MPs’ expenses, tax evasion by multinationals – all reported scandals undermining the integrity of our society; all situations brought about by a lack of ethical guidance. 131 more words


Experiments in living - to govern or not to govern

Today, I got drawn into an online conversation. It started with the following blog entry: Experiments in Living and its subsequent exchange of replies that eventually touched on the issue of need and structure of government. 745 more words

Community - Gemeinschaft

Ted: Day one

Today the first five people (myself included) presented their Ted Talks. They were all “ideas worth spreading.”

The first was about the creation of a tablet specifically for schools, to keep handwriting in the classroom, because we are leaning away from traditional writing. 348 more words


Communications and Ethics, Ted Talks and Activists

Ethics in Communication has covered Ted Talks from Gordon Brown to Sherry Turkle; topics that ranged from spreading awareness through social media to how social media may stunt communication. 437 more words


Coming back around...

Well, after entirely too long (for the sake of this project at least) I have finally emerged from the woods back into the land of cellphones and wireless internet.   316 more words