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Photo Challenge: HERITAGE

“It is not the honor that you take with you, but the heritage you leave behind.” Branch Rickey

Heritage by Countee Cullen via AllPoetry.com
What is Africa to me:

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NHS Cyber Attacks: why did no one listen?

The NHS cyber attacks crippled the systems yesterday and some health trusts are still affected. Yet the government has received not one but two warnings about the network systems susceptibility to attack. 403 more words


One Belt, One Road, One Big Challenge

By: Arna M.

China has emerged as a major economic leader in the past few decades, and to this day continues its aim to conquer the world through trade. 483 more words

Le Pen Vs. Macron: Why Should You Care?

By: Martina I.

2016 has been marked by one of the most prominent uprisings in extreme nationalism in modern times. From Donald Trump’s highly controversial campaign and election, to Britain’s vote to leave the European Union, it has caused many moderate and historically-learned individuals to tremble in the face of the threat of where these events might lead. 1,221 more words

Here’s the (simplified) big deal between America and North Korea

By Alice M.

Rome (MP)- North Korea’s relations with America have always been very tense and the two countries have always had their ups and downs… But with the election of American president, Donald Trump, things are starting to be even more complicated. 518 more words

How To Become Sane Again

I decided to reanimate this blog when I acknowledged that I trust Vladmir Putin right now- more than any politician in the USA -most especially their newly elected despot; I wont grace him with putting his name on my writing. 1,391 more words

Photo Challenge: Danger Signs

“One thorn of experience is worth a whole wilderness of warning.” James Russell Lowell

For this week’s photo challenge on – Danger – I dug around for signs I might have captured on a trip or two. 186 more words

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