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The Evil Gold Mining

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With the financial markets in melt-down and many in search for a “secure” investment, GOLD suppose to be the solution. 34 more words


Looking At The Facts...

“The Earth is the birthplace of our species and, so far as we know, our only home… We are close to committing – many would argue we are already committing- what in religious language is sometimes called Crimes against Creation” 672 more words


The Sun is going down for Monarchies

I told you monarchies are out of date and they all will come down. Before Great Britain – it is Saudi Arabia on the cosmic list… 9 more words


Minifinsternis: Sol mit Minipünktchen

Schaue nicht direkt in die Sonne ohne Sonnenfinsternisbrille!

6. Mai 2016

Am kommenden Montag wandert der sonnennächste Planet Merkur – von der Erde aus betrachtet – vor der Scheibe der Sonne vorüber. 40 more words


South America: Modern Water Wars

If North America don’t watch out – they will end like this…

The El Niño weather phenomenon brought months of droughts for Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Venzuela and Mexico. 53 more words


Micro Car VS. Scooter

By Riccardo M.

Rome is one of the few cities in the world that allows surprisingly young people, from the age of 14, to drive. There’s a sort of “miniature” driving license, which permits young teenagers to drive either a micro car (macchinetta) or a scooter. 611 more words

Global Events

The Fight for Labor Rights

By Špela K.

It seems that the only important holidays for students are the ones when the school is closed. This year Labor Day lies on a Sunday, meaning that no student will actually think of the holiday. 389 more words

Global Events