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This woman tried to kill her husband. What happened next will blow your mind

A woman tried to kill her husband. Paid a contract killer and husband received all evidences. But even after the husband gets all the evidence, he was manipulated by the wife in believing that she did not want to kill him. 23 more words

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This is the problem with ‘100 million missing women’ you need to know

Nobel Laureate Economist Prof. Amartya Sen has devised a theory of 100 million missing women in 1990 and that had been the basis of many feminist propaganda including female feticide and gendercide. 798 more words

Global Feminism

Selena goes MAC

MAY 2016 –– It is finally here y’all! The Selena inspired MAC cosmetic line is officially set to launch in the fall. What I love most about this story was the inspiration that lead to this becoming a reality. 418 more words

La Reina del Sur

May 2016 –  oh em gee. Can we talk about La Reina del Sur!!! I was actually really late to this whole thing. I just happened to need something to binge watch, clicked on episode one and never stopped. 1,552 more words

Hidden Figures: A feminist movie that exposes feminism

– Hi, are the calculations done?

– Yes, my guys are checking them once again

-Get the girl to check the numbers, if she says the numbers are good, I am okay to go.

541 more words
Feminism In India

The Gender Value Gap: A Plea for Acceptance of Global Feminism

Subsequent to the many Women’s Marches that occurred around the country and world this past weekend, I have been saddened by the negative backlash and opposition to these demonstrations. 1,129 more words

Global Feminism

Exclusive: Yes, I have seen molestation in Bangalore


Today, I read your article where you showed that one of the molestation complainants has changed her story. Initially she told that she was in MG Road, Bangalore  but later claimed she was molested in Indira Nagar. 651 more words

Feminism In India