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What's a fistula? Read this. Let's end fistulas in a generation.

Today is the International Day to end Obstetric Fistulas. No idea what they are? Neither did I until a couple of years ago. Yet it is one of the cruellest killers of women and girls in developing countries. 1,257 more words


This is how a journalist raised millions within 45 days by some Indian rape stories

Call it Indian rape story and get huge international viewership including publication in media like NY Times and donation worth millions INR. To add more viewers claim that you or your close relative was raped in childhood and see the money multiplying. 1,092 more words

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Revealed!! Funding of Jagori – Indian force behind OneBillionRising Campaign


Its website says – “Jagori has worked ..to end violence against women – Including dowry, Sati, Domestic Violence against women, and sexual assault to sensitize the public and to demand for comprehensive gender just laws”. 538 more words

Feminism In India

This is why we don’t believe in Barkha Dutt molestation story

There is a popular feminist theory – sob, cry rape when you are in trouble. Create something new, something extraordinary, imagine rape either child abuse, rape or gang rape – people mostly will believe your story. 921 more words

Feminism In India

Women's Day or International Misandry Promotion Day?

International Women’s Day is finally over. Over past few days we came to know through different campaigns how great, accomplished, heavenly creatures women are. We also came to know through these campaign how mean, degraded, disgusting are men or anyone belonging to that gender. 1,168 more words

Feminism In India

Why American Feminism Has Failed

Much of my work on The Women of Letters has focused on bringing a cross-cultural/international perspective to American culture and institutions. It is time to turn our attention to American feminism and to see why, despite the United States being the most powerful country in the world and a leading developed nation, certain markers of progress for women still lag behind other developed nations. 1,226 more words

Women: Where are the good men?

Right now, all over the world, millions of women are searching for a “good man.”[i] Even after decades of effort on the part of the women’s liberation movement to empower women with the mantra, “I do not need a man,” they continue on this seemingly endless quest. 1,979 more words

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