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Gender Attitude Survey, NZ Reveals A New Crisis

A recent survey in New Zealand has revealed a shocking fact about New Zealand. 4% of New Zealand citizens do not know what a ‘heterosexual’ person is compared to 1% each who did not know about ‘Gay men’, ‘Lesbian Women’ and about 2% did not know about ‘Bisexual’ persons. 1,949 more words

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Behind The Scenes of Their 'Social Work' Is False Rape Extortion

The recent observation against Delhi Women’s Commission (DCW) volunteers advising women to file false rape cases is not all. There exist multiple other women’s groups who thrive on advising women to file false cases and forcing the government to bring unconstitutional laws. 761 more words

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'Mama Rwanda' Screening & Discussion

When: Wednesday, April 4 at 7PM
Where: University of Washington, Lyceum, Husky Union Building, Room HUB 160, 4001 E Stevens Way NE
Cost: FREE; register… 56 more words

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Virgin/Whore Revisited

In the humanities in the Western world, there exists a dichotomy between two archetypes of women that stems from Catholicism and Christianity in general – the dichotomy between the virgin and the whore. 1,340 more words

This Is The Reason Feminists Want to Destroy Your Culture


While discussing the feminist theory on Equality of Outcome I have already shown you why feminists want reservation for women ignoring the capability factors and what are the problems arising in the society due to that. 1,536 more words

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In Belated Honor of International Women's Day

This is to honor all the women in the world – the nearly 4 billion of us. Simone de Beauvoir’s moniker of “the second sex” still sadly holds true today. 909 more words

This Is The First Look At The Weird Feminist Theory To Justify Women's Reservation



While proposing equality, the feminist Gender Justice Warriors propose that equality of opportunities is not enough to ensure justice and hence equality of outcome… 1,915 more words

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