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It’s confirmed, male feminists can die

It’s confirmed now. Male feminists can die as they are no longer needed by humanity. Feminists have recently set the codes of conduct for men who identify themselves as feminists. 1,578 more words


MGTOWs are losers – really?

Author, journalist and entrepreneur Matt Forney thinks MGTOW men are losers. In one of his recent articles he claimed that MGTOW is no way for men to go because MGTOWs are nothing but a “ 1,530 more words


Twitter, Vodafone, and Georgetown University All Commit to Gender Equality

Big companies like Twitter and Vodafone and major universities like Georgetown and Oxford have all pledged to take concrete steps towards gender equality as part of the final installment of UNWomen’s IMPACT 10x10x10 initiative, released Thursday. 725 more words

Unveiled: Feminism, Orientalism, and Perceptions of the Middle East

When: Monday, June 8th at 7PM
Where: Naked City, 8564 Greenwood Ave. N.
Cost: FREE

From dramatic events like the attempted murder of Malala Yousafzai to the everyday wearing of the hijab in many parts of the Middle East, the lens through which the West views Middle Eastern women is often focused on their oppression—either real or perceived. 77 more words


VBS & Being "Saved": A reflection on my childhood need to be (white) Christian

Last night as I tried to fall asleep, while my roommate’s fish noisily searched their rocks for particles of food, my mind came upon a pretty random image of my younger, 9-year-old self walking up onto a stage to be “saved.” I don’t quite understand why I was thinking of this particular moment in my life, but I felt the need to reflect upon it. 1,118 more words


What every Indian should know about marital rape

As an Indian it is time that you know about marital rape. Recently feminists are trying to bring a separate law criminalizing marital rape in India. 2,095 more words

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