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Sensational Expose’: Nirbhaya’s parents and Mukesh were coached by Leslie Udwin

International journalism and film making is shamed by BBC and their criminal accomplice Leslie Udwin as the co film maker of the documentary India’s Daughter reveals that Mukesh the Delhi rapist was coached by the documentary maker Leslie to say words from her script. 364 more words

Global Feminism

No Thank you, I Can Speak For Myself.

Last year I came across the term “Western Feminism”. Just like anyone who had no idea what it I began my research on what exactly this term means and why does it exist to begin with. 192 more words

One Woman Too Many

What someone else’s open marriage taught me about feminism

As I write this, one male feminist’s children are growing up in a sexomaniac home seeing their parents in in an open marriage. As their male feminist father discovers his new feminist ways and mother discovers her nymphomanic ways to satisfy their sexual urges outside their relation. 626 more words


Global Perspectives

On April 14th, 2014, 276 schoolgirls were kidnapped from their Nigerian boarding school by the militant group Boko Haram. For a couple of weeks or so, this story was everywhere. 926 more words


It’s confirmed, male feminists can die

It’s confirmed now. Male feminists can die as they are no longer needed by humanity. Feminists have recently set the codes of conduct for men who identify themselves as feminists. 1,578 more words


MGTOWs are losers – really?

Author, journalist and entrepreneur Matt Forney thinks MGTOW men are losers. In one of his recent articles he claimed that MGTOW is no way for men to go because MGTOWs are nothing but a “ 1,530 more words


Twitter, Vodafone, and Georgetown University All Commit to Gender Equality

Big companies like Twitter and Vodafone and major universities like Georgetown and Oxford have all pledged to take concrete steps towards gender equality as part of the final installment of UNWomen’s IMPACT 10x10x10 initiative, released Thursday. 725 more words