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Miss Muslim Features Anushay's Point

So much of my writing and work focuses on elevating the voices of women and girls of color, so it was great to be on the other side of things when… 73 more words

Women's Rights Are Human Rights

GEM Score - an ineffective way to look at masculinity

In 2008, Julie Pulerwitz and Gary Barker in their thesis “Measuring Attitudes toward Gender Norms among Young Men in Brazil: Development and Psychometric Evaluation of the… 1,451 more words

Global Feminism

ICM836 Day 5 (6/13): What's Global Feminism?

“The debate is being carried on  in a theoretical framework at universities,” Ruchira Gupta of Apne Aap said, rolling her eyes, as she sat in her old family home in Bihar after a day in the red light district.

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This is how invention of Sexbots exposes feminist chauvinism

Invention of sexbots has made all feminists cry their hearts out. Clearly because now their monopoly over controlling sex is over. It is a great irony that it is the feminists who coined “ 1,161 more words


ICM836 Day 1 (5/30): Let's Start the Journey!


Here’s a FAQ  — if I left something out please ask away below as a comment!

What is the course about?

As the title of the course depicts,  we will focus on global feminism and the media. 1,472 more words


Nirbhaya Verdict – this criminal is not yet punished

Nirbhaya Verdict is out and all four males were given death penalty for the ‘rarest of rare’ crime committed by them. But there exist one criminal who committed another serious crime related to Nirbhaya case and is still not punished. 728 more words

Feminism In India

This is why you need to worry about Amartya Sen's theory on death of males

Nobel Prize winner economist Amartya Sen claimed in his book ‘The Argumentative Indian’ that women’s well-being has far reaching implications like hitting men with life threatening diseases. 760 more words

Global Feminism