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UN Honcho: Human Race Doomed, Unless--

I know, it reads like a satire. But I can’t help it if liberals say things that satirize themselves.

Today’s self-satire is provided by a Ms. 311 more words


Replacement Migration, the UN's Scheme to End Sovereign Nations

November 27, 2018
Updated December 6, 2018
Occupy Democrats Parody

There’s an important story behind the so-called “caravan” of “migrants” or “asylum seekers,” the complicit propagandists will have you believe are “escaping” to America for “a better life.” … 319 more words


GLOBALISM: It’s Bad Nationalism on Steroids

The only identity Americans really need is a national identity. But now, patriotism is being demeaned as being the equivalent of 20th century radical, expansionist nationalism. 381 more words


GLOBALISM: errr, No Thanks!

Every time I hear the ‘globalist’ issue come up I wonder what the advocates of a globalist government seek to create.  The problem with an all controlling central government is that the people who run the government create their own hierarchy within the government with all the corruption and behind the scenes dealing that exists everywhere else in society, except that the stakes are drastically higher. 512 more words

'Acting Guilty' (2014)

Climbit Change alarmists were acting guilty four years ago, and they’re still acting guilty today. Saving The Planet is just too good an excuse for acquiring and wielding absolute power–the straw to stir global government’s drink. 54 more words


That 'World Order' again, this time Ardern & Merkel

More on the ‘world order’ Jacinda keeps mentioning. This is from April this year. Thanks to Martin at uncensored.co.nz for the link.

Jacinda is getting us used to the coming ‘ 172 more words