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UN Reaches Consensus on Post-2015 Global Sustainable Development Agenda

As a result of several days of meeting in Ireland, and after 3 years (since early 2012) of formal negotiations, the UN have reached consensus on a Global Sustainable Development Agenda. 626 more words


EU Calls for Global Government to Stop Financial Crisis!

Global government has been the goal of the technocratic elite, enabling them the ultimate control over the citizens. Global policies have been implemented which have a tip-toe effect on ELIMINATING the sovereignty of nations. 144 more words


Rise of the AntiChrist

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In 1512 Christopher Marcellus said this to Pope Julius II:

Take care that we lose not that salvation, that life and breath which thou hast given us, for thou art our shepherd, thou art our physician, thou art our governor, thou art our husbandman, thou art finally another God on earth (emphasis added). 461 more words

Leaked Documents Expose Plan for Global Economy

Source: commondreams.org

From an article by: Sarah Lazare

An enormous corporate-friendly treaty that many people haven’t heard of was thrust into the public limelight Wednesday when famed publisher of government and corporate secrets, WikiLeaks, released  109 more words

Leaks And Exposures

In Search of the Truth...

Task Force 88 (anti-terrorist unit)

Hi, my name is Dan Mason and I am on a search for the Truth. To do this I must begin to connecting the dots. 946 more words

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G. Edward Griffin - The Grand Design: The Hidden Plan That Shapes US Foreign Policy

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Come Out of Her, My People

When the Supreme Court acts as just another cog in the Corruption Machine, rather than doing its job, it serves as a wake up call. Once awake for a hot second, people make some noise about Constitutionality. 1,036 more words