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UN / ISIS says "USA guilty of crimes against humanity"

The UNITED NATIONS said that The United States should publicly acknowledge that the trans-Atlantic slave trade was a crime against humanity and consider reparations to African-American descendants of slavery and establish a national human rights commission.   382 more words

G6 - Evil Empire Rises

The goal Democrat amnesty supporters is not to bring 11 million illegal immigrants humanely "out of the shadows," but to turn them into voters.


A Politico cover story perfectly encapsulates the bizarre, insular world of the D.C. political establishment. The article purports to take readers behind the scenes of the strategic machinations of the Sen. 904 more words


Putin Blames Lenin For Failure of USSR, Waxes Nostalgic About Communism

  • … There should be no steps that might split our society,” Putin said. “On the contrary, it should be consolidated.”Putin added that he still had a soft spot for socialist ideals and that he kept his USSR membership card at home.
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The Fed's bag of tricks is empty!

“Goldman Sachs actually owns 341 times as many derivatives as assets!”
“Big Banks could crash world markets!”

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World Curreny 2018

Below is an image of the front cover of a 1988 Economist Magazine
Title of article: Get Ready for the Phoenix… 123 more words

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He never stopped campaiging

I have maintained since Obama’s first couple of years in office, that the reason he spent most of his first year “in office” outside the country (the “World Apology Tour”, is because he sees the White House merely as a stepping stone for his aspirations for a spot in the coming global government.   66 more words

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Alex Newman/The New American: Paris Stunned As Scientists Debunk Climate Change Hysteria

Re-posted (in excerpt) from Sean Adl-Tabatabai’s post at Your News Wire, please visit for full story. Original article by writer and foreign correspondent Alex Newman… 962 more words

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