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Anarchy In The U.S.

One of the most rising movements I have seen of late is the voice of anarchy sweeping through the country. We have seen many movements come and go and few actually stick in the minds like the anarchy crowd is drumming up. 774 more words

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If any good comes from this, it will be people finally start to figure out your potus has been complicit in this from day one. He used the office to facilitate an agenda.

Kit Daniels | Infowars.com

it’s time YOU take a step back, re-examine history, and STOP listening to the Mainstream Media it is Obama who has been accused of Treason by the highest levels in government, not you. 725 more words


Criminal Climate Court, Indonesia On Fire, & Maker Culture

This week on the New World Next Week: COP21 cometh as the UN prepares a global climate court; the Indonesia forest fire no one’s heard of rages out of control; and maker creates open source ecology revolution. 309 more words


Wars: To Declare Or Not To Declare

At what expense are we going to war on and I am not speaking monetarily, even though that needs to be addressed as well. What I am speaking of when I say expense is the very thing that the soldiers are supposed to be protecting – the Constitution. 1,159 more words

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New World Order and the Luciferian Agenda

Say this statements to a friend or family members and you are likely to get that all familiar look. You know the, “what what have you been smoking look.” Is there any real evidence to this global agenda and can it really be tied into a luciferian cult like goal? 2,042 more words

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A Message from Sauron

That’s one of my Orcs in the background.

Hi! I’m the Dark Lord from those Lord of the Rings movies. Betcha didn’t know I’m real! But of course, here in the real world, I go by another name that only sounds like “Sauron.” 227 more words


The Baddest Hurricane Ever

So what were they saying yesterday? Remember? “Worst storm in history! Winds at 200 mph! Doom, doom, doom!” And, oh yeah, this–“There must be a Global Climate Treaty before it’s too late!” 389 more words