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How's the Crow, Mainstream Media???

Debbie Lewis
October 18, 2016

Conspiracy Theorists are a very special breed.  They walk on gut instinct and faith.  These people can read between the lines, see what’s not right about a situation, and they report on it WELL before any mainstream media outlet will either figure it out, or report on it themselves.  397 more words


072- Jeff Berwick - The Collapse Of All Fiat Currencies Is Coming!

Episode 072 of The A Minute to Midnite Show sees Jeff Berwick join the host Tony to discuss the global economic situation, and the potential for catastrophic war as the Elites’ push for World Government and a global currency. 159 more words

A Minute To Midnite Video

WAR IN THE NAME OF PEACE; Choose Your Kingdom

Just in time for International Day of Peace, Obama declares war on Religious Fundamentalists. We happen to like the Fundamentals to our Religion so we consider this a declaration of war by a Global Government.  469 more words

Liberty Club Log

George Soros: Western Society Must Fall Before One World Govt Can Be Established - Freedom Outpost

Generally, I don’t post stuff from Alex Jones, only because I literally have a hard time listening to his gravelly voice and his always-manic speech pattern, however, this article is totally correct in what it points out, which is that the elite, via MSM, education system, and entertainment industry, have done a thorough job of conditioning the masses to accept what is coming down the pike without questioning it or resisting it.   283 more words

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What happens with a sudden Prez candidate vacancy? UN takeover?

Nationwide people are afraid: What if something happens to one of the candidates just before the election?

8/31/16 – Here is another great post by…

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Ignore This Political Blather

Truly, if you have no particular interest in politics you should ignore this post. It’s just a hobby and God gives me some interesting insights that make sense, perhaps only to me, and I can’t just shut up about it. 1,009 more words