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FULL LENGTH - Global New World Order Government Through Central Banking (Operation Paul Revere)

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Modern History

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Jesus said that he would send us prophets in the end time and that we need to hear them. 295 more words

Hubert Writes


I’m working on two novels these days. One of them is A Sip of Fear, the first story in the new series The Illuminated… 1,320 more words


Global Challenges: 12 Risks That Threaten Human Civilisation

The Global Challenges Foundation just issued a report on ’12 risks that threaten human civilisation':

‘This report has, to the best of the authors’ knowledge, created the first list of global risks with impacts that for all practical purposes can be called infinite. 192 more words

Financial Crisis

The US Economy Is Days Away From Shutting Down

A Telling Report From Tacoma

The Global Economy Has Officially Crashed

The Baltic Dry Index has officially hit rock bottom with unprecedented lows. The forces behind the Trans Pacific Partnership have effectively used their influence to greatly stall the delivery of critically important commodities until the TPP is fully implemented among its member nations. 2,098 more words


Identifying The Conspirators Of Chaos And Their Agenda For A Global Government

Part One of a Series: Current events in the context of world and U.S. history

Who are the so-called “global elite?” What positions do they hold today? 349 more words