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BBC Bias, Brexit, the EU, Bilderberg and Global Government

From New Eastern Outlook, byt Steven MacMillan

One of the BBC’s flagship news programmes has shown a “strong” bias towards Britain staying in the European Union (EU), a media monitoring group claimed last week. 1,645 more words


BBC Bias, Brexit, the EU, Bilderberg and Global Government

If European nations regain control over their own affairs and resort back to national sovereignty, the agenda of the shadow elite in the form of destroying nation-states and building a global empire will be severely impeded.   1,709 more words


Still Listening to the Enemy

In this jam-packed 90 minute episode of the podcast, we tap into enemy communications once again to find out what the global “superclass” are thinking and doing. 333 more words


Donald Trump - Not Quite JFK

This is a super telling interview with Newt Gingrich which says a lot about why he’s popular. Newt explains that the G.O.P establishment don’t like Trump because he ‘hasn’t been through the initiation rites’ and ‘doesn’t belong to the secret society’. 283 more words


Makia Freeman/The Freedom Articles: "Create Solutions and Let the Old Paradigm Crumble"

Re-posted, with thanks, from The Freedom Articles. An older post, from 2014, but so relevant currently. Many thanks to Makia Freeman for pointing us back to frequency, vibration, changing our group reality by changing our personal focus. 2,945 more words

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