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Must Read | "What He Is Doing Today, Everyone Else Will Be Doing Tomorrow" - Russell Simmons

I totally felt this looking at pictures from Kanye’s #YeezyBoost runway show at New York Fashion Week and this birthed the little write-up on our Instagram page ( 519 more words

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Jazmine Sullivan Opens Up About Maturing, Self Acceptance and "Reality Show"

In a recent interview with Global Grind Jazmine Sullivan opened up about her break from music, being a work in progress, Aaliyah, and her new album… 80 more words


#FakeBloggersBeware: Perception is Reality

The blog I chose to analyze this week is Global Grind which is owned by the legendary hip-hop pioneer Russell Simmons. I’m a fan of hip-hop music and this for-profit entertainment news blog features popular trending topics many hip-hop fans would enjoy. 869 more words

This Is Happening: Customers Pissed About Play-Doh's Phallic-Shaped Toy Take To Facebook, Company Deletes Posts (PHOTOS)

The penis mold above has apparently ruined Christmas for parents all over America. Because it’s a penis. A veiny penis with flying balls. And a disturbingly realistic tip. 96 more words

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Justice For...This Is What Police Brutality Looked Like In 2014 (PHOTOS)

The last quarter of 2014 sparked a movement – the possibility of changing state and police violence in the United States as we know it. Decades of frustration stemming from police brutality against minority communities came to a head in 2014 with the deaths of Michael Brown Jr ., Tamir Rice , Eric Garner , and others – many of whose law enforcement killers avoided convictions or simple indictments for their role in the deaths. 60 more words

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Sorority Sisters..Epic Fail! Check Out Celebs Who Are Greek! (Photos)

Ok Sorority Sisters was a major fail on social media networks! If you have pledged and are Greek, I know you are outraged and one celeb spoke OUT! 137 more words

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Video: NYPD Officers Beating Child

As the year is ending, the more people are getting victimized by police officers. In NYC, footage of a 16-year-old boy getting physically attacked by officers of the New York Police Department was posted on YouTube just today. 185 more words