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The real truth,Tim Kaine you come to FAMU and racially profile our kids to promote RACISM and Hate?

You come to our community and your conversation was not about an economic plan telling our BLACK kids how your team will help this country and create jobs for them after leaving college.   189 more words

Huffington Post

Milwaukee Unrest is an Economic Situation

Giving up guns, means we allow the police to have guns all the  criminals to have guns and WE the PEOPLE sit at home like a piece of steak ready to be served.   427 more words

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Why Black Americans are Voting TRUMP

Black Americans have been conservative “ALL OUR LIVES”.  We were taught we had to work harder than any other people in America because our skin was/is BLACK.  218 more words


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Is Oshea The Next Wave?

 Oshea is killing the game right now. Independent artist from Georgia is definitely making a come up. Oshea has been working extremely hard non stop since 2008, so he definitely deserves all the success coming to him. 58 more words


Anthony Lewis

Take a listen to singer out of LA “Anthony Lewis.” His voice is definitly unique.


Vibe with Anthony Lewis

Click for more videos by Anthony Lewis… 11 more words


Tone Stith

Tone Stith is an recording artist from new jersey! He is signed to jas prince label “YEMG.” This young artist is the worlds next big star, vibes100 is putting that in the air now. 19 more words