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Economic Revival is a Shared Responsibility

Since the Great Recession, central banks in developed nations have employed unconventional monetary policies in a desperate bid to boost inflation and growth. Today, around 35% of the world’s government debt has negative interest rates. 352 more words

Insights from Industry Experts - Key Steps to Website Globalization

Entering a new market is a complex and multi-faceted effort. However, the revenue potential is immense. The first point of contact for a customer is often the company website. 1,026 more words


globalization and the stock market

For most of the thirty years I’ve been a professional investor, there has been a very dependable, high-beta link between world economic growth and world trade.   371 more words

Stock Market

At the End of the Day

Sometimes, a blogger’s task is a varietal one. Tonight I shall be mainly taking the piss out of politically correct strangulation of English, global economic growth bollocks, the Labour leadership election (take 2) and the continuing saga of how Theresa Mayormaynot honour the referendum result by doing what we asked the Silly Old Bag to do nearly two months ago: get us TF out of the European Union. 538 more words

Finance minister says weak global growth has been a challenge for Canada

OTTAWA – Facing dismal economic data at home, Canada’s finance minister is pointing out that the global growth outlook has been downgraded about seven times since the federal Liberals took office last year. 187 more words


Key Habits of Global Companies

Anna Schlegel, Senior Director, Globalization and Information Engineering at NetApp, is a seasoned globalization industry leader. In her article “Go Global or Go Home” for Forbes, she shares the following key habits of successful global companies: 182 more words


Explore or Exploit?

“Growth requires an exploratory mindset,” according to the linked report by Boston Consulting Group. “[O]ver successive ten-year periods, ‘explorers’—companies that struck a proper balance between exploitation and exploration—outperformed ‘exploiters’ by 3.9 percentage points on sales growth and 2.1 percentage points on total shareholder return.” 218 more words