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Calamity's Sentence Runs On Forever

We Have Attained the End of the Beginning of the Global Financial Crisis. See it here Summarized in 50 Variables Contained Inside One Long Sentence Which Never Ever Ends. 644 more words

Financial Crisis

A Hall of Property Bubbles in the Mirrors

The world of property values is bifurcating and at the same time running toward the same bad end.

Economies which sailed through the financial crisis are galloping ahead on their way to the cliff where many leading economies flew and fell down dead. 464 more words

Financial Crisis

Bankrupting Leverage

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November 2011 note to readers of HousingStory: This is an old post from March 2009. It predates the blog. I wanted to give this post a home before I take the original down on an old site which is going away. 2,435 more words

Financial Crisis

Killing Catastrophe

An Argument in Favor of Plan Orange: A Systemic Response to the Financial Crisis

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November 2011 note to HousingStory.net readers: This is an old post from January 2009. 2,602 more words

Financial Crisis