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L3. Activity 1.3: Global Language

  • What is a global language? Is it the same as a lingua franca?

A Global Language is a language that is so spread that is learned by many people as an L1, L2 or L3 world wide. 453 more words


Class Task 1


  • Which factors do you think that make a language to be ´global`?

There are many reasons that make English a global language.

#global English

The Past, Present, and Future of World English by David Crystal (Summary)

The prospect of English becoming a global language is uncertain as there is no historical precedence. That is why is necessary to have a look to what happened in its past in order to speculate about its future. 1,049 more words


TEFL: The basics

TEFL: The basics 

For many TEFL is a foreign adventure combined with the perks of a job. It’s irresistible to some and a curiosity for others. 373 more words