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Week 33 [15] (1): Academics and the mother tongue!

It may seem odd given my research interests but I have never actually written an academic article in Bangla. As far as academese is concerned, it is so much more easier to use English in many contexts given my training. 219 more words


What makes English a lingua franca?

You probably know that not everyone speaks English. Still, English has become the closest thing we currently have to a global lingua franca (sorry, Esperanto!). But have you ever wondered why? 541 more words

On Language

“Oh don’t worry, everybody there can speak English”: On the pros and cons of speaking a global language

“Oh don’t worry, everybody there can speak English”

It’s something I’ve heard a lot; with regards to every non-English-speaking country I’ve had the privilege to visit. 1,008 more words


Water, freeeet.

You’d think that by now I’d be able to speak brilliant Spanish, wouldn’t you? My Spanish has improved but not to the extent I would like, mainly because nobody lets you speak Spanish here! 834 more words

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English as a Global Language

Learning resources abound on the Internet. Most of them are in English. This can be clearly seen from the homepage of Wikipedia where as of today entries in English amount to more than 4.6 million articles, 4 times that of the second rank language, Russian, with 1.156 million articles.  597 more words

fast forward

Let’s fast forward a little. After a meager attempt of an introduction to the global language perspective in previous entries, I decided to let the more curious and systematic minds to do their own browsing of a vast number of deliberations, statistics and speculations on global language theme available on internet. 74 more words

Is English really a global language?

English isn’t managing to sweep all else before it — and if it ever does become the universal language, many of those who speak it won’t understand one another.

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