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World Water Day takes water education to a global stage. #worldwaterday #sanitation #lovewater

Celebrated on the 22nd March each year, World Water Day is a United Nations initiative, and has become a unique inter-agency coordination mechanism for all freshwater related issues, including sanitation. 134 more words

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Tolerance On A Planet With More Than 7 Billion People

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┬áToday we did a review of adverbs – what they are used for, and how to use them. Adverbs are words that describe “how” people do things. 418 more words

UN at 70: Mega-Cities, Mortality and Migration

As the international community marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations, one question worthy of some reflection is: Is world population better or worse off demographically since the establishment of the U.N.? 1,277 more words


Realistic Expectations of Global Economy and Population

The worlds population is currently standing at about 7 Billion, 3 Hundred Million and quickly approaching 8 Billion. Roughly 5% of individuals in America make more than 100K per year, thats roughly 1.6 million people, and even scarier is that its 0.002% of the global population. 440 more words


India's population has little space - Maria Wirth

“Is it not time to give those, who were brainwashed into obnoxious dogmas, a chance to become free? From my own experience, it was a big relief when I lost faith in the unverifiable Christian dogmas. 1,779 more words


Suggestions To Keep From Further Pissing Off the World

Quit making war and invading small countries.

The entire history of the US has been one of creating war, invading small countries, and meddling where we have no business, often with much loss of life. 1,192 more words

Better Government

Sir David Attenborough: Humans may be an endangered species

Of all the problems Sir David Attenborough has witnessed throughout the natural world, he sees none so pressing as the one facing our own species, which he believes could die out if we don’t tackle booming populations. 431 more words