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Is city life the future of sustainability?

The growth of the city demands our attention. With an increasing proportion of the global population living in cities – and a boom in the growth of Asian megacities in particular – we have no choice but to find ways of making them more sustainable. 7 more words


Forbes: To Feed the World in 2050, We Need to View Small-Scale Farming as a Business

How can we feed the world’s growing population? It’s an age-old question that has resurfaced following the economic shocks and environmental stresses of the past decade. 347 more words


Muslims and Christians are expected make up nearly equal shares of the global population by 2050 for the first time.

Jimmy Fallon Singing With Five Wax Dummies of Himself Is the Stuff of Nightmares
Watch John Oliver Take a Stand Against April Fools’ Day… 234 more words


World Water Day takes water education to a global stage. #worldwaterday #sanitation #lovewater

Celebrated on the 22nd March each year, World Water Day is a United Nations initiative, and has become a unique inter-agency coordination mechanism for all freshwater related issues, including sanitation. 134 more words

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Tolerance On A Planet With More Than 7 Billion People

Hi Everyone,

 Today we did a review of adverbs – what they are used for, and how to use them. Adverbs are words that describe “how” people do things. 418 more words

UN at 70: Mega-Cities, Mortality and Migration

As the international community marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations, one question worthy of some reflection is: Is world population better or worse off demographically since the establishment of the U.N.? 1,277 more words


Critique of TSW Part 25g The Social Microcosm

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Bill doubts the correlation between economic growth and population growth and once again mixes scientific analysis with politics to ill effect.

I am ever so grateful to Bill Westmiller, whose comments are marked “BW: “. 1,772 more words