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If you feel a tinge of tech envy over the connected car features offered by many recent cars, but not enough to splash out on a new one (or you’re holding out for an… 926 more words

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China’s weapons and Internet giants join forces to compete with American GPS

The following is based on a translation of a report on a Chinese news site:

According to a report on Chinese news site mil.huanqiu.com, … 414 more words


#1027 to #1030 Caching around the Wirral

#1027 Fore – GC3EKHN
Nice quick cache and dash here whilst the other half took photos of the golf course.

#1028 Walking on Water – GCQZCN… 131 more words


#1018 - #1019 Bang 'Em Up ... Don't Bank On It

#1018 Bang ‘Em Up – GC3FV3D
When it is called bang ‘Em up, it isn’t referring to the daughters nickname. “Em”

Having sussed this one out a couple of years ago I still hadn’t been to log it, and I had lost the info so I took a capture of the info again and this time we went in for the find, we had to wait for some muggle trying to park (emphasis on trying they took long enough) and we waited for them to leave their vehicle before finding the cache, nearly gave up on it then I had an idea and yes it was there. 246 more words


#1017 "Please, No Erratic Spitting" ~ Earthcache

#1017 Please, No Erratic Spitting – GC5NF0F
Once at the gz, I found the touchstone, had a good look, read some info around it, took a selfie and saved it for later on (this log). 49 more words


With US$300 device, Chinese hackers claim they can take over drones or smart cars

Latest method of ‘GPS spoofing’ drastically lowers the cost involved and potentially puts technology in hands of any criminal

By James Griffiths
South China Morning Post… 420 more words

#273 to #277 A cold Knypsersley Day

#273 Knypersley Reservoir #12 – Castle View – GC2X6K3
A lot colder than we anticipated when we got up here, geo kid huddled up on the bench and I grabbed the cache, it took a while to find, GPS was all over the place and we got distracted by some muggles, anyway once found, signed log and off we went. 248 more words