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Incentive compensation management in a global organization brings its own complexity and opportunity for frustration.  On one hand is the local country manager; adamant that all things incentive related should reflect the needs of their market.  422 more words

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Incentive Compensation for Outsourcing: As Cumbersome as the Deals Themselves?

By Elliott Scott, NewSigma

“It’s not rocket science” is one of the great clichés of incentive plan design.  For the most part it’s true, and when incentive plans start to look like the work of rocket scientists, it’s a good bet the sales force is not on board the spaceship…and may be at risk of alien abduction (or at least poaching by competitors).  1,367 more words

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From Commissions to a Goal Based Plan: Part 2 of 2

Back in May we wrote about moving from a commission to goal based incentive program (http://salescompinsights.com/2010/05/17/moving-from-commissions-to-goal-based-incentives-part-1-of-2/).  Since then, we’ve continued to receive a range of questions on this topic.   541 more words

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Making the Switch

Sales compensation design and management is a very specialized field — just ask the recruiters trying to fill sales compensation management jobs.  Consultants make good candidates because of their breadth of experience and strategic thinking.  914 more words

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Getting Sales Out Data Out of the Black Hole


Several of our recent clients, representing industries ranging from high tech to packaged foods, share a common business challenge:  how measure and credit sales team members with responsibility for pulling business through various distribution channels.  632 more words

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