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Prepping: Creating a Collapse Supply List

I don’t do a lot of prepping articles because to be honest, most of it is common sense type stuff. Blame it on me being raised in the south and having a really “hands on” child hood I guess, but alot of what most people consider “prepping” I did when I was 12 years old in the woods with my Dad and it kind of just “stuck”. 584 more words


Military Defense News: Another Naval Traitor Crawls Out of the Woodwork

First it was Lt. Commander Edward Lin now this guy…it appears the US Navy has too many leaky ships. I have found traitors are just like drug smugglers, for every one you catch there are most likely five or more still operating. 517 more words

Current Events

NATO Secretary General at CCNY on September 27, 2012

On Thursday, September 27, the Colin Powell Center and the CCNY Division of Social Science will present Anders Fogh Rasmussen, secretary general of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization ( 209 more words

Our Military is Well Ahead of Congress on Climate Change

Tonight 350 Pensacola brought Brigadier General John Adams, Ret. to describe how the military is involved in preparation for the consequences of climate change. Among them are sea level rise, food shortages, migration of large groups of people from countries destabilized by climate change impacts, and larger and more powerful storms. 696 more words

Climate Change

"Panama Papers" delivers shock felt around the world

The massive leak which detailed a global network of offshore companies which helped the wealthy hide their assets has jaws dropping across the globe. Twitter is already abuzz over the leak. 461 more words

National Security

What the Experts Say about Counterterrorism

No one needs reminding that the global security environment is volatile. Nihilistic groups mount an existential threat to U.S. interests around the world. Responding to unpredictability requires careful analysis and thoughtful strategy. 651 more words

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