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Goodbye Détente: NATO Troops in Eastern Europe

Originally Published on March 28, 2016

The decision by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to increase its military presence in Eastern Europe harkens back to the Cold War era. 523 more words

Challenging Nuclearism: The Nuclear Ban Treaty Assessed


On 7 July 2017 122 countries at the UN voted to approve the text of a proposed international treaty entitled ‘Draft Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.’ The treaty is formally open for signature in September, but it only become a binding legal instrument according to its own provisions 90 days after the 50th country deposits with the UN Secretary General its certification that the treaty has been ratified in accordance with their various constitutional processes. 2,836 more words


Is a World Without Nuclear Weapons Possible?

Between June 15 and July 7, negotiators at the United Nations in New York are examining the draft Convention on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, a treaty designed to prohibit the possession of nuclear weapons globally. 596 more words


Carnegie Corporation of New York announces award of major grant to the Centre for International Security Studies at the University of Sydney for Project Q

Who will benefit from and who will be harmed by the advent of quantum computing, communications and artificial intelligence? Are social media, global surveillance, data-mining and other networked technologies already producing quantum effects in world politics? 421 more words


Trump Against The World -- Withdrawal From Paris Threatens Both Global Security and Economic Competitiveness

Energy. It’s the foundation for any modern economic system.

But if the extraction and use of that energy generates harm in the form of serious negative health impacts and ultimate environmental destruction, then it is accurate to say that continuing such energy use is unsustainable. 1,188 more words

Climate Change

New freelance writings: forensic science reform, planet impacts, earthquake forecasting

Check out my latest articles and writings this past month, for Undark, Nature, New Scientist, and Now.Space. As always, thanks go to my editors. If you read just one, I recommend the Undark piece, which I’m particularly proud of and took a lot of work to write and report on. 900 more words

Science Communication

Nuclear Power for the Next Generation: Addressing Energy, Climate, and Security Challenges

Global Nexus Initiative
Policy Memo and Recommendations

This report is a distillation of the issues examined in a series of workshops and three major policy memos… 79 more words

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