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UN: A Moderately Successful Organization

The United Nations, the paramount of human virtue, the organization which every aspiring policy student wants to work for, the maintainer of world peace, an organization without blemish and fault. 961 more words


Gaza: Now What?

There are always 2 sides of an argument: 1) Israel is executing innocent Palestinians, or 2) Israel is killing Hamas terrorists. The truth is usually somewhere inbetween. 1,094 more words


Donald Trump is Starting a War Between Israel and Palestine!

No, he is not.

Conflicts in the region have existed for over a century. The situation in Palestine is highly complex and attributing it to religious and ethnic tensions represents a gross oversimplification of the conflicts in the Holy Land, let alone the naïve notion that Donald Trump singlehandedly sparked the conflict. 1,398 more words


Iran Nuclear Deal: What You Need to Know

Trump scrapped the Nuclear Deal! Trump is undoing the legacy of Obama!! Before delving into why Trump scrapped the deal and making a decision as to whether it was a good or not, here is an overview of the main points of the deal, otherwise known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action: 811 more words


The evolution of NATO

The role of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has changed since its inception in 1949 when it was installed as a defense measure against the Soviet Union and its controlled Eastern Bloc. 361 more words


Saudi Arabia: Secret Strength

When asked, “who is the military superpower of the Middle East?” most will readily answer “Israel”. The military prowess of Israel is unanimously agreed upon, but its adversary, Saudi Arabia has been quietly building up its strength. 632 more words


Ukraine: the Forgotten Warzone

When “warzone” is mentioned, images of Syria immediately come to mind. Few are paying to the events currently taking place in Eastern Europe. Ukraine no longer appears in the news and the events of 2014 are forgotten as quickly as they unfolded. 1,290 more words