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North Korea 'Completes Ground Test' of New Long-Range Rocket Engine

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un reportedly supervised a ground test of a new rocket engine used for launching satellites Tuesday, giving indications that Pyongyang may be ready to launch a new long-range rocket. 155 more words

On My Mind (Vol. 7)

Over at my Catholic Review blog, this was a Clinton week for a change. I shared my thoughts on her flubs and my thoughts related to those thoughts. 183 more words

There Is No Military Path to Victory in Afghanistan

By Professor Rajan Menon (originally written for the National Interest, 9/12/2016)

Few will say it, but the facts are indisputable: America’s war in Afghanistan has failed. 66 more words

Publicly Speaking

LaMont W. Rodgers

A security executive with decades of experience, LaMont Rodgers fully believes that, “This is a dangerous world and potentially dangerous profession, but when you take an oath to protect and serve, it should be something that you always live by, no matter what.” His desire to take that oath started early into his time as a sociology major at the University of Tulsa, when a professor helped him realize he had a good skill set for protecting others. 60 more words


The Troubles of Disappearing Travel

Let me begin this by stating, I live in Europe and I have dual citizenship. A great perk in the world of travel and disappearing. However, a few weeks ago when I was leaving Europe for the states I was asked for my visa, since I was abroad for over a year. 277 more words

The W.R. initiative

World Recognition was created as a technology solution to the gap in practices of Browser interfaces, to the World Wide Web. Having not guidance or orientation means internet users need to educate themselves, and this can be especially difficult in many regions of the world, especially when content diversity is restricted. 117 more words

Brexit, the desintegration of the UK

Trudging through the halls of 10 Downing Street, dripping a drop of sweat, Prime Minister David Cameron was gathering the strength to tell the world that the UK will no longer form part of the European Union. 353 more words