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Just Wow - Day one at Leganes National High School

Our new friends Zoilo, Pamela, and Barbara picked us up at the hotel to take us to their high school.  I expected it to be lovely, but I never expected a band and all the students to be lined up along the walkway waving Philippine and American flags! 601 more words

Welcome Dinner at Boyd Thai

Tuesday night we had a welcome dinner for everyone in the program with Professor Raustiala at Boyd Thai, which is just a few minutes walk from our dorm. 22 more words

Guest speaker: David Ohana

David Ohana is the Chief of Brand at UNICEF. 336 more words

Fear and Intimidation South of the Border, Winter '15

Terrorism is the demonstration of public violence in an effort to instill fear in order to gain power. While the media’s face of modern terrorism is Middle Eastern and has an AK-47, terrorism is much more than jihadist anti-western movements, and does not necessarily include religious motivation. 1,350 more words


The Importance of Educating Women, Winter '15

Women’s rights movements throughout history have had one thing in common above all else: they were and continue to be resisted by those in power. Men fear that through giving women power, they effectively reduce their control over society by half. 1,108 more words


Bring our Girls Home vs. #JesuisCharlie, Winter '15

As long as humans have lived in groups they have been segregating each other. In Ancient Greece the Greeks created the term “Barbarian” to keep out outsiders. 1,179 more words


Ivy the Intern: Working with inspiring young leaders

As students in the Northwest Community College Initiative (NWCCI) program are enjoying their last weeks in the United States, Ivy Raines is also finishing her time at Edmonds Community College. 892 more words