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March 27: L'Affaire Dreyfus

On Monday, we’ll spend our class looking at the Dreyfus Affair in much more detail. We already know it was an incident where a French army officer was wrongly accused of being a spy for Germany. 62 more words

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My Top Five Subject Recommendations

Anyone who’s been to college, or has ever flipped through a course catalogue, knows there’s a metric butt load of classes you can possibly take. Even if you’ve already decided your major, you might need some filler classes. 1,053 more words


March 23: America Comes Into Its Own

On Thursday, we’ll look at some key movements in American history, including the fight to abolish slavery an the movement for women’s suffrage. We’ll look at the Civil War and the impact it had on the lives of African-Americans, both during the war and after the war. 24 more words

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March 22: Mapping the Movement

Today in class we’ll focus more on how the United States moved west in the 19th century, and how those changes affected the country. We’ll also place the changes happening in America into context with similar movements in Britain, France, and elsewhere. 10 more words

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March 21: Go West, Young Country!

Today in class we’ll look at the western expansion of the United States in the 19th century, and the social and political changes that accompanied that expansion. 40 more words

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March 20: Proof of Progress

On Monday, we’ll show just how much we’ve learned about Britain in the 19th and early 20th century as we ace a quiz on the first half of Chapter 11. 41 more words

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March 17: Evidence, Please!

On Friday, we will talk more about the Irish Potato Famine and the conflicting arguments we read about the origins of the crisis. After reviewing what we read, we’ll spend some time combing through the arguments. 37 more words

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