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An apology is due

I thought it important to share something which challenged my thinking this week. It happened while I was carrying out further research about how we can live more sustainably and help life flourish. 601 more words

An unsettling sighting in the landscape

I think Mr Badger must have got inside my mind. I’m guessing it must have been my furry, field-loving namesake calling to me, because this week for no sane reason I’m aware of, Debby and I with a dear friend bought a piece of the countryside a couple of hours from Melbourne. 488 more words

Making Greek Life Green with Cans to Cans: An Interview with Jeremy Hurley

Have you heard of Cans to Cans? If you’re at UVa, perhaps you’ve seen some of their Facebook posts or heard about the organization by word of mouth. 1,640 more words


Confronted by our sustainability Achilles heel?

I’ve thought long and hard about whether to go this far on the blog, but there’s got to be no holding back.

So be warned, I’m going to use the C word. 499 more words

Strengthening Our Fair Trade Practices

Since its establishment in the 1990s, Greenfield Grounds has proudly lent support to Fair Trade coffee farms around the world. It has been our mission from the get-go to promote a stable global economy and a world with equal opportunity. 348 more words

Apply to serve on UCI's Student Advisory Council on Sustainability Education (SACSE)

The Global Sustainability Resource Center (GSRC) is convening UC Irvine’s 2015 Student Advisory Council on Sustainability Education (SACSE).  As you may know, the purpose of SASCE is to bring student perspectives to the faculty members who are planning new formal education programs in sustainability. 180 more words

Student Posts

My Camera & My Chai - The Billions. Part The First

I am going to start this two-part post with a quote. I just finished reading a book called “Bill Bryson At Home” by none other than Bill Bryson. 704 more words