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The “Sach-ing” Of America

By Edward Cline ~

There was the sack of Rome by Alaric and his Visigoths in 410 A.D. There was the sack of Rome by Charles I, Holy Roman Emperor, in 1527. 3,006 more words

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My Flexitarian Journey

Up until a week ago, I had been strictly pescatarian after our Food unit for Global Sustainability. But, I am now fully embracing the idea of flexitarianism and am allowing myself to occasionally consume poultry. 440 more words

Global Sustainability

Rosanna Davison Cheeses Off Dairy Farmers

Rosanna Davison is vegan, and recently got dairy farmers hot under the collar with her blog-based dissing of dairy products. One reason she cites is that “Humans are the only species on earth to drink the milk of another animal as adults. 581 more words


How Culture and Sustainability Work Together

Why first world sustainability efforts need to take note of the cultures they are trying to help

Global environmental sustainability is a part of the university’s daily activity at CSU. 444 more words


Hypocrisy, hubris or humility - from his hospital bed dad’s an inspiration!

Easter didn’t turn out as I’d expected. Instead of heading off with Debby to visit family at my favourite seaside writing retreat in Bermagui, I found myself at the Intensive Care Unit where Norm, my father in law, had been rushed by ambulance in a critical condition. 879 more words

Still haven't touched meat

This past Monday, we discussed the food industry and its impact on the environment. Through our assigned readings and watching the movie Cowspiracy, which I really recommend, I was informed about the extreme amount of pollution that animal husbandry causes. 466 more words

Global Sustainability

Disappointing Earth Hour in Perth

Last night, April 28th, Perth and other cities worldwide observed Earth Hour from 8:30-9:30pm. A few friends of mine and I attended Earth Hour Solar Light Picnic at Kings Park overlooking the city. 465 more words

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