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Trumps "words" vs. Clinton's verified actions?

All this outrage over what Trump said over 10 years ago has me confused when there is no outrage or media re-exposure over the verified actions that she was involved in or personally has done.  530 more words

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War, abuses of human rights, global terrorism, climate change, mass movement of people and poverty are major threats: Theresa May

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New York: British Prime Minister Theresa May told the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday that some of the threats the world faces today are war, political instability, abuses of human rights and poverty, global terrorism, climate change, and unprecedented mass movements of people. 2,837 more words


November 6, 2016 -The Day America Died or was Resurrected

The America the founding fathers envisioned when they signed the Deceleration of Independence and ratified our Constitution and Bill of Rights is on the precipice of a vast chasm which if not avoided will be the ringing of our death knell or by turning the sound of the Trumpet proclaim our Resurrection. 343 more words

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Failing to plan is simply planning to fail

Obama wants to admit Muslim refugees from war torn Syrian without any reasonable assurance that they are not terrorist or have received training in one of their training camp.  1,303 more words

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It is time to stop rolling those presses, stop whatever you are doing and think about this:  Michele Bachmann, America’s #1 Bimbo is now advising none other than Donald Trump on … wait for it … {drumroll} … … 839 more words

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