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This will appear in the Farmerville Gazette, Farmerville, Louisiana, USA Week of 3/2/21015.

They say the older a person gets the faster time goes by. One explanation is that each year represents a smaller percentage of a person’s total age and thus goes quicker. 795 more words

Farmerville Louisiana

Federal Court orders PLO to pay $200 million in damages

Late Monday, a New York jury in federal court ruled that the Palestinian Liberation Organization and the Palestinian Authority partially liable for six terrorist attacks in Israel. 240 more words


ISIS militants burn dozens of Iraqis alive

On Tuesday, ISIS militants burned 45 people alive in the western Iraqi town of al-Baghdadi. ISIS fighters captured Al-Baghdadi last week. The attack occurred only five miles away from military base housing 320 United States Marines. 190 more words


ISIS beheads 21 Coptic Christians in Libya

Terrorists referred to as ISIS or ISL released a video on Sunday showing the militants beheading 21 Egyptian Christians kidnapped in Libya. The captured Egyptians were shown dressed in the standard orange jump suits and being forced down on the ground and then later beheaded. 183 more words


Hacker group 'Anonymous' declares war against ISIS

The hacking group known as Anonymous has claimed responsibility for targeting hundreds and Twitter accounts and thousands of Facebook pages and dozens of email addresses because of their connections to ISIS according to CNN on Friday. 187 more words


ISIS is Saudi Arabia's Frankenstein, out of Control

ISIS is of Sunni origin by way of Wahhabism. Wahhabism is a Sunni sect of fundamental Islam. Wahhabism is named after an eighteenth century preacher and scholar, Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab (1703–1792). 150 more words

Millions In America Suspected of Financially Aiding Terrorism

As we all struggle with the realization that there are real groups out there trying to frighten and kill us in some of the worst ways imaginable, it is hard to believe that millions of Americans are actually aiding the very terrorists that are robbing, kidnapping and killing them. 418 more words

Terrorist Cell