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Muslim Woman Issues Chilling Warning to the West about Dangers of Islam

Not an ISIS type warning.

Not even a threat of any kind.

A Muslim woman from Egypt has written an open letter to the western world warning us of what Islam is really like… and what it does to a society. 535 more words

Being Prepared

Multiple ISIS suicide bombings kill Iraqi soldiers

ISIS suicide bombers killed three Iraqi soldiers and wounded 17 on Friday after they drove 10 vehicles packed with explosives into an Iraqi army base near Ramadi. 193 more words


Security Analyst Warns: Islamic State Has Global Ambitions For 2016

Breitbart, by Simon Kent, Dec. 31, 2015:

Islamic State terrorists plan to take their struggle across the world in 2016 and push their fighters into a final showdown with liberal western democracies. 496 more words

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