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The Empty Raincoat
By Charles Handy
Arrow Books

Reviewer: J.A. O’Brien

In THE EMPTY RAINCOAT: MAKING SENSE OF THE FUTURE, Professor Charles Handy addresses the “confusion” that stems from the “pursuit of efficiency and economic growth” in the name of progress. 354 more words

Davos needs to do more, talk less, on unemployment

DAVOS, Switzerland—It is true that it can be difficult to see the forest for the trees.

Over the past few years, participants at the World Economic Forum (WEF) here in Davos, Switzerland have been staring at some pretty big trees—a global economic slowdown, alarming unemployment, and a corresponding lack of confidence in economic policies and governments. 665 more words

A look at Unemployment Worldwide

We often think of unemployment in a local sense, meaning the unemployment rate in Detroit or Los Angeles.  Even when we are presented with a national number we often times try to immediately find where our local area fits into that statistical space.   283 more words


No Man is an Island

Guyana National Schools’ Choir
Photo Credit: Stabroek News

Some days ago, I awoke with thoughts of the song, “No Man is an Island.” It’s not the type of song that one hears on the airwaves. 467 more words

United States

Unemployment rate in the UK falls to 7.7%

UK unemployment has dropped 0.1% in the past three months to 7.7%. Although David Cameron says Britain is ‘turning a corner’, he admits the government has ‘still got a long way to go’. 233 more words

International Unemployment Data

The Annual Global Unemployment Index tracks key market trends in unemployment.  As a monitoring tool, the HR Coach Research Institute collates existing data from government agencies into a dashboard as a reference point for relevant bodies.  26 more words

Louise Broekman

University of Guyana: Fifty Years Serving the Nation

University of Guyana – Turkeyen Campus – Guyana
Source: Google Earth

Fifty years serving Guyana since its inception on 19 April 1963. A remarkable achievement for a young developing nation with a population of less than 800,000. 463 more words