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The Truth: On Climate Change

New book coming to the Amazon Kindle Bookstore on January 6th 2017

I was sick and tired of hearing about “Climate Change” from every news source I watched. 55 more words

Party's Over for Global Warming Mob

Oops! Can’t ‘hide the decline’ anymore!

Just when they thought they had us where they want us–

Just as they were poised to take away our air conditioners, our refrigerators, and our freedom: all to Save The Planet, of course– 340 more words


How to tel If Yore A Interllectural

I jist come From “a” specale Sembinar the Lexture it Was “abuot” waht makes yiu a Interllectural and i wil tel Yiu abuot it. Of corse to reely be a Interllectural yiu shuld ouhght to Be in Collidge and a lot of Peple who been to Collidge “thay” has Forgot how to bee Interllecturals! 221 more words

Just For Fun

Lest We Forget: Climategate

I don’t know for how long this satire will display here, so enjoy it while you can. It’s been around for several years. They keep getting rid of it, but it keeps coming back. 86 more words


'Feminist Snow Removal' Policy Makes Stockholm a Laughing Stock

Sometimes liberalism is side-splittingly funny–unless, of course, the joke’s on you.

Stockholm, capital of the socialist paradise of Sweden, made the news last week when the city implemented a “gender equal” or “feminist” snow removal policy that left the place immobilized by heavy snow ( … 193 more words


Trump Says He'll Step Down!

Now that he sees how upset liberals are over his election, President-elect Donald Trump says he’ll step down in favor of Hillary Clinton, according to shockingly unreliable sources. 217 more words