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Without Global Warming, Civilization Would Never Have Been Possible — Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Rod Martin, Jr. Global Warming Made Civilization Possible Let’s face it. Ice Age glacial conditions were brutal. Because the oceans were cooler, there was less evaporation and less rain.

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Solar physicist sees global cooling ahead

Via the GWPF: Recent research by Professor Valentina Zharkova (Northumbria University) and colleagues has shed new light on the inner workings of the Sun. If correct, this new discovery means that future solar cycles and variations in the Sun’s activity can be predicted more accurately. 815 more words


Why I Despise the Olympics

Let me say it plainly: I hate the Olympics.

I won’t be watching them. Sheesh, it’s like a Super Bowl that goes on for weeks and weeks. 194 more words


John Kerry's Face Plant Off The Deep End

I certainly don’t mind it if people have a different opinion from me. After all, that’s what makes for interesting conversation. But at least they should try to ground their conversations in reality. 536 more words

More on a Moron

Okay, so Krazy John Kerry says we’ve got to give up our refrigerators and our air conditioners because they’re a bigger threat to us than ISIS. 216 more words


It's Never Their Fault

So we’ve all heard by now how thousands of leaked emails prove that the Democrat National Committee cheated joke candidate Bernie Sanders, and arranged for Hillary Clinton to win its presidential nomination. 228 more words


Loon Kerry: Air Conditioners 'as Big a Threat as ISIS'

I usually steer clear of politics on Sunday, but this story I just can’t swallow.

John Kerry, our secretary of state, former presidential candidate, Democrat fat-head, told a bunch of his private jet buddies in Vienna the other day that… 156 more words