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Trump begins process of unraveling Obama's 'global warming' policy

(National SentinelGlobal Warming Hoax: As promised, President Donald J. Trump is moving to dismantle his predecessor’s so-called “global warming” policies because they are grotesquely expensive and harmful to U.S. 401 more words

Executive Branch

Loopy Thinking Gets Around

I just couldn’t make up my mind which dreary news story to cover for you today. Meanwhile, someone sent me an email alleging that last month’s solar eclipse was a gigantic hoax perpetrated by The Government for some sinister purpose–possibly to set us up for an invasion by hostile space aliens. 218 more words


Global Warming Scare Might Be A Lot of Hot Air

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Founder of NoFakeNews

There are more than 30 thousand scientists claiming that the global warming information we constantly hear about everyday is not being reported accurately by the mainstream media and the official sources that supply said information to them. 82 more words


Climate Change Models "Wrong"

After continued bashing that we’re destroying the planet by taking Jimmy to his soccer games and Jenny to her dance classes, the left is about to be bashed themselves. 534 more words

No, all these hurricanes are NOT being caused by humans, says climate scientist

(National SentinelWeather: Directly refuting the nonsensical claims of climate change hoaxers like Al Gore and Hollywood stars, real climate scientist Roy Spencer argues in a new e-book that the pattern of hurricanes seen this season are natural phenomena called “weather.” 401 more words

Global Warming Hoax

Memory Lane: 500 Days Till Doomsday

Almost our president…

Remember this? May, 2014–three years ago–the foreign minister of France got together with abortion-happy loon John Kerry and proclaimed the world has only “500 days to avoid climate chaos!” ( 111 more words