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Global warming, a hoax or a waste of time?

Global warming is a popular topic in the media, but after evaluating I’ve concluded that I’m not sure if it’s true or false, but I am sure that stopping man-made CO2 emissions is a waste of time. 526 more words


Truth Zone: Propaganda Examples, Global Warming Hoax, and Delusional Mass Communication

Truth Zone:

Our Overnight Orwellian Unraveling


Rush Limbaugh Radio

RUSH:  George Orwell captured the whole notion of this mass delusion and propaganda, the twisted logic of the politics of collective delusion. 1,140 more words

American Culture

Here Come the Torpedoes

I grew up on World War II movies. My father served in it, and so did the fathers of most of the kids I knew, and TV played a lot of newsreel footage from the war: so it was very real to us who had only been born four or five years after the war ended. 237 more words