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Humanity-hating, climate alarmists ready to pollute the hell out of the atmosphere

Climate change alarmist hijacked the conservation movement and now, in the name of saving the earth, they’re prepared to pollute the hell out of it. They call it Geoengineering. 465 more words

Experts under fire for releasing a report which claims the global warming models are wrong

  A new global warming report entitled “Why Models Run Hot: Results from An Irreducibly Simple Climate Model” which was coauthored by four experts is now calling into question the models which are being used to predict global warming. 540 more words


Snow and Rain tomorrow, clear the roof.

I think when I get the bill I’ll need a good stiff drink…

Nah!  No stiff drink… now I can’t afford it.   Just kidding, it’s worth every penny.  11 more words


Winter 2015

The first big storm at the end of January was a surprise and I thought that we had gotten a lot of snow.

The day after I cleared the driveway and turn-around I fell down the stairs and had to have an operation on my knee.   95 more words


More Proof: Man Made "Global Warming" Is A Hoax

Our friends across the pond are a lot more likely to delve into the scientific fraud that’s being perpetrated on the world’s population in the name of higher taxes and less industry than we are. 499 more words

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