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This Just In: UN Warns Global Warming Makes Statues Come to Life

See what happens when we don’t pay carbon tax?

The United Nations Special Panel of Smart People has brought forth evidence that Climate Change is causing statues all over the world to come to life and scare people. 141 more words


UN Bans Reporters from Global Warming Pow-wow

Stalinism–it only went away for a little while.

I guess they don’t trust Canadian journalism to commit suicide, as American journalism is doing: so the global statists at the UN have banned three reporters from Ezra Levant’s Rebel Media from covering its Global Warming conference in Morocco next month ( … 220 more words


Al Gore Is An Idiot Bumper Sticker

To assign mankind as culpable as the agent for change of climate, is propaganda; global warming is a political movement, not a defensible scientific fact. And, yes, it’s true – … 9 more words


Book Review: 'Kurby the Climate Change Clam'

Kurby the Climate Change Clam by Rigoberta Menchu Dreamcatcher

(Published by the Democrat National Committee, 2016)

Kurby the Clam is tired of dead polar bears floating around his nice, clean ocean. 214 more words

Just For Fun

Can Sheer Idiocy Stop a Hurricane?

You don’t need a clown costume to be a clown.

An NBC noozie has actually said it: the proposed Paris climate change treaty, so dear to the heart of every statist blockhead in America… is… 125 more words


The Global Warming Hoax Poster

Consensus is not science. Furthermore, there is no consensus; the science is not settled as to the role of man as relates to changes in climate. 54 more words


The Lie that Will Not Die: 'Climate Change'

Considering that the Democrat platform in this election says they’re gonna have the Attorney General (the almost unbelievably corrupt Loretta Lynch) “investigate” certain folks who don’t believe in “Man-Made Climate Change” (aka “Global Warming” when the weather’s hot), this is still an issue, even if not many people are talking about it lately. 310 more words