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Truth Matters: Science Facts vs. Fake News, Global Warming Hoax

Truth Matters:

Science Facts vs. Fake News, Global Warming Hoax

Another Huge Global Warming Data Scandal

Rush Limbaugh

RUSH: I need to tell you something that you’re not going to see in the Drive-By Media, and it’s huge. 2,823 more words


Boston Fines Woman, 76, $200 for not Shoveling Snow

A 76-year-old woman on a fixed income has been fined $200 by the city of Boston for not shoveling snow from the sidewalk in front of her home ( … 258 more words


Red Pope: Reality-Challenged

Some years ago I was on the phone with a liberal, trying to convince him that public school “sex education” had gone a lot farther than he thought, as exemplified by a certain book used in the curriculum at many schools. 200 more words


Climate Mafia to Investigate Itself

It’s gotten to be a regular occurrence for NOAA, an agency of the federal government funded by the defenseless taxpayer, to get caught lying and cheating to propel its “Climate Change” agenda. 208 more words


Concise review of energy policy and choices.

The Solution for U.S. Energy Policy Is Really, Really Simple

Three very good suggestions and best of all, all are current technology, nothing requiring more research or future breakthroughs.   230 more words

All The News Not Fit To Print.

GOP Has-Beens Push for Carbon Tax

Y’know, you can’t take your eyes off our nation’s so-called leaders for a cotton-pickin’ minute without them getting up to serious mischief.

Now it’s a bunch of Republican has-beens and wannabes, including former nonentity-in-chief Mitt Romney, calling itself “The Climate Leadership Council,” meeting with President Donald Trump’s economic advisers to urge the administration to sock the American people with a “climate tax” ( … 135 more words


Climate Gate # II

February 6, 2017, The Daily Mail. London………

Climate Gate # II

World Leaders Deceived  Again By Global Warming Hoaxers.


Global Warming Hoax