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Report: Attempting to 'artificially cool' the planet would lead to disaster

(National SentinelClimate Hoax: A team of researchers have just published a study in the journal Nature Communications indicating that efforts to artificially cool Earth in response to alleged global warming would be disastrous for all life on the planet. 351 more words

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Israeli astrophysicist on climate: 'Evidence for warming is not evidence for warming by humans'

(National SentinelClimate Hoax: A noted Israel astrophysicist has once more rejected the Leftist construct that a warming earth is due to human-caused activities like industrialization. 267 more words

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Review: 'Daddy's Home 2' an absolute disaster

RATING: * (one star)

Director: Sean Anders

Cast: Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, John Lithgow, Mel Gibson, Linda Cardellini, John Cena

Screenplay: Sean Anders and John Morris… 398 more words


An inconvenient Lake of Fire is devouring Antarctica, Al Gore’s GLOBAL WARMING HOAX disproved by the return of Hell on Earth

By John Miller

Thursday the 9th of November, 2017

As we hurtle headlong towards the End of Days, we are seeing many signs and wonders. Ambiguously gendered polymorphs and central American atheist gangbangers have raised the Red flag of Stalinism in the Virgin Queen’s colony. 470 more words

Even the UN Pans Paris Climbit Pact

Remember the Paris Climate Treaty, and how the whole world’s gonna die because President Trump took the US out of it after President *Batteries Not Included tried to suck us into it without ratification by the Senate? 223 more words


Bill Nye: “I am a Failure” | Watts Up With That?

Image: http://www.politifake.org

The reality is climate enthusiasts have destroyed their own credibility, with their outrageous omissions of adverse data, with their barrage of painfully wrong predictions over the years.

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Former NOAA Climatologist David Dilley: Definitive Dates for the Onset of Major Global Cooling (FULL)

David Dilley of globalweathercycles.com and globalweatheroscillations.com provides the last piece of the puzzle to give definitive dates for the onset of major global cooling, where 2019-2020 will be the first really cold year, with another amplification in 2020-2021, bringing cold on a scale we have not seen in generations. 278 more words