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Flashback: After Massive Lie is Exposed NOAA Quietly Reinstates July 1936 as Hottest Month On Record

By Gary P Jackson

We all know that the 1930’s were the hottest decade since records of temps have been kept. We also know the government has been lying, claiming that we are in a period of warming. 481 more words

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Obama: ‘Climate Change Is a Primary National Security Threat’

By CNSNews.com Staff, April 9, 2015

URL of the Original Posting Site: http://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/cnsnewscom-staff/obama-climate-change-primary-national-security-threat

President Barack Obama speaking about the health impact of climate change at Howard University on April 7, 2015. 383 more words


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Spring in Climate Changed New England

Weymouth, MA (02188) Weather

3:25 pm EDT

37°F Feels Like 28°

Wintry Mix

Wind NE 14 mph gusts to 19 mph

Humidity 83%

Global Warming Hoax

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