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Fight Climbit Change! Bring Back the Mammoth

“Clone ’em, Dano!”

Say hey! Did you know there’s a Harvard Woolly Mammoth Revival Team? And they’ve got a little science project, straight out of  247 more words


Trump Admin Cuts All Government Funding for NASA Global Warming Program

A so-called “climate change monitoring system” has just been scrapped by the Trump administration, saving taxpayer money but sending backers of global warming theories into a tailspin.

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All The News Not Fit To Print.

They're Anti-Science!

I was hoping I’d never have to say this, but I can’t keep it a secret any longer.

My two cats are Anti-Science. Both of them. 199 more words


Bag the Mermaid, Win a Million Bucks (2015)

This seaside resort town in Israel offered a million-dollar prize to anyone who could capture the local mermaid (https://leeduigon.com/2015/04/16/if-you-cant-find-a-centaur-look-for-a-mermaid/). To this day, no one’s been able to claim it. 46 more words

Just For Fun

'Their Fantasies Are Wackier than Mine' (2011)

I wrote this in 2011; and the saddest thing about it, seven years later, is that none of these wacko leftid fantasies has died out. These are follies that endure like granite. 18 more words


'Living With Fantasy' (2010)

This, I think, is the first post I wrote for this blog. And my friend Bob Jason, in Canada, made the very first comment.

Otherwise, not much has changed in eight years!


'Living With Fantasy' (2010)

I think this must have been the first post I ever wrote for this blog. My friend Bob Jason made the very first comment ever received here. 14 more words