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Climate Change Australia - Get A University Degree In Global Warming Propaganda And Denial

By Andrew Bolt ~

Astonishing and shocking. The University of Queensland now offers a course to teach students not to doubt. In fact, it teaches students… 252 more words

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BIG Green, a life destroying force.

Diana West in, “the Death of the Grown Up” challenges us to look accurately at the world around us and stop our delusional thinking. She focuses on a number of interesting things including, a loss of parenting, nonjudgmental multiculturalism, and politically correct self-censorship as well as today’s victim, hero reversal. 543 more words


After dropping for a few years, U.S. greenhouse gas emissions creep up again in latest EPA tally

Can the EPA’s clean power plan help tame the global warming dragon?

Staff Report

FRISCO — U.S. greenhouse gas emissions have dropped 9 percent in the last 10 years, the EPA said this week, releasing its 20th annual national… 332 more words


Space: The Necessary Frontier

Nothing lasts forever. Nothing we know of now, anyway. Our favorite athletes retire and move on from the sports stage they once starred on. Shows like… 918 more words


Letters: The climate change debate continues

Re: Canada Vs. Climate Change, Christiana Figueres, April 16.
One of the most astounding pieces of propaganda spewing forth from Christiana Figueres was the following assertion: “These emissions have been scientifically proved beyond any reasonable doubt to cause global warming, and if unchecked will have calamitous and costly consequences for Canada and the world.” Really, despite no perceptible change in global temperature over nearly three decades, she can straight-faced say that greenhouse gas emissions “have been scientifically proved beyond any reasonable doubt to cause global warming”? 2,045 more words

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One of the Best Climate Communication Talks I Have Seen

A guest post by Marshall Shepherd, Director of the Atmospheric Sciences Program, University of Georgia, and author of the Weather Underground blog “From the Mind of J. 1,158 more words

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Intersection of Big Data and Green Tech

EDP Renewables (EDPR) is the 3rd largest renewable energy company in the United States, is leveraging technology to harness the power of big data, with efforts resulting in more than $200 million in ROI in the first 24 months of implementation. 207 more words