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A research-based proposal for greening the world's deserts

In a TED talk given a few years ago, a scientist named Allan Savory puts forth an interesting proposal for reversing desertification and climate change. After having worked in the field his whole life, the solution he found is an unlikely one: … 148 more words


History of Oil Reserves


• 1857 — Romania produces 2,000 barrels of oil, marking the beginning of the modern oil industry.

• 1859, Aug. 25 — Edwin L. Drake strikes oil in Titusville, Pennsylvania… 774 more words

Climate Change

Food for thought: 'real men eat meat'

Very few of my vegetarian or vegan friends are men. I am yet to steal a dash of soy milk from a male housemate for my morning cup of tea. 907 more words


The Trump Admin Would Rather You Not Know Climate Change Affects the Food Supply

The effect of climate change on food crops has long been my worry, and I starting posting my worries on that over a decade ago. Food wars, I wrote, are terrible things, and I see food wars in our future. 535 more words


Lightest Most Mighty Touch...

Playing the least visited towns allows for escaping the travel services industry. Instead of finding more of the same; Marriott, Hertz, Southwest Airlines and Denny’s there is this other original entrepreneurial economy to be relished. 235 more words