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NextGenClimate: We Can't Continue to Entertain Climate Change Deniers

Throwing out the most simplistic and outdated beliefs generated from those who deny the existence and impact of Climate Change must be married to a fresh look at the ways the private and public sector will eliminate carbon emissions. 124 more words


Statistics can be tricky

And for more than one reason.

Sometimes it’s because the math is hard. As the science of statistics has advanced, and computers have made it practical to use ever-more-sophisticated methods, the math has gotten more sophisticated, which often means just plain harder. 1,010 more words

Global Warming

Climate Change

The whole world is in a huddle to discuss the global climate situation and its impact on the environment and our life. Climate change is not a new phenomenon and there is historical evidence about major climate changes and their aftermath. 770 more words


Clean Power Plan Hailed as Ambitious, Insufficient | Al Jazeera America

A few days ago the Prez made his big climate change speech…….it was hailed as an impressive speech and it was belittled by the deniers as a “chicken Little” moment…….but was the speech all that or was there holes in it? 64 more words


PETA vegan challenge: Day 3

I have just read that the meat and diary industry contributes MORE to global warming than every single vehicle on the planet. How mental is that?! 135 more words


Climate Change: President Obama Announces Final Version Of Clean Power Plan, Cuts In Carbon Emissions

President Barack Obama announced the final version of the Clean Power Plan on Sunday morning. The plan is projected to cost $8.4 billion and will most likely face some legal hurdles from various coal producers and states. 485 more words