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A new and very important presentation by Jem Bendell

A new and very important presentation by Jem Bendell was released on YouTube yesterday (February 14, 2019). Jem’s view is that a climate induced societal collapse in our way of life is inevitable, and in the near term (less than 10 years). 379 more words

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The Moment Climate Change Becomes a Political Liability, You Will Never Hear of it Again

I’m pretty sure Silicon Valley Billionaires are reconsidering their support for this nonsense. They played along never expecting the dog to bite the hand that was feeding them. 61 more words

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Environment | Why We Should All Support the Climate Change Strike

So it’s taken a while, but I’m back – and what a day to start blogging again.

I’d heard about the Climate Change Strike which had been planned to take place across the UK and I have been following it all day on the news. 772 more words

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Alien Takeover

Is it?

Do you really believe that it is yours to do as you want with it?

Do you really believe that we cannot claim it? 268 more words

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Running a Temperature

The breakfast news mentioned that some British children would be walking out of school today in protest at the regime’s lack of any meaningful response to the threat of climate change. 263 more words


[TRENDING NEWS] The Useful Idealism of the Green New Deal

Author: MICHELLE GOLDBERG – Publish Date: February 15, 2019 at 07:00AM

Democrats need a sweeping vision for a post-Trump world.

from Blogger http://bit.ly/2V2a1Oe

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What is the weather like?

For weeks now, it seems that the weather has lost his mind. Between heat records in Australia and historical freezing temperatures in the Northeast and Midwest, the world is witnessing the concrete consequences of serious deregulation of climate. 336 more words

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