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The devil you know

“Pence is the nation’s 48th vice president. Nine vice presidents have assumed the presidency as a result of death or resignation. That’s a 19 percent ascendancy rate. 530 more words


US health officials cancel climate conference; don't say why

NEW YORK (AP) — The government’s top public health agency has canceled a conference next month on climate change and health but isn’t saying why publicly. 465 more words


An elegy for Antarctica's Larsen C, the 10,000-year-old ice shelf that's about to break away

Antarctica is about to lose a lot of ice. Scientists report that Larsen C—an ice shelf the size of Delaware—is close to splitting off from the rest of Antarctica, with its rift having grown by 20 km (12.5 miles) in December alone. 168 more words

5 Local Improvements that Make a Big Difference to the Planet’s Health

So, we’ve all heard about the dangers of climate change and how important it is to act now, but it can seem like the problem is just TOO big for little ol’ me and you to do anything about. 531 more words

President Trump threatens to undermine key measure of climate policy success

David Hodgkinson, University of Western Australia

One of the key measures President Barack Obama used to develop climate policy could be under threat under President Donald Trump. 761 more words


Climate Change Secret

It’s quite pleasant in Ottawa today, especially if you like snow. Admittedly, if you have to drive in the stuff you might be less than thrilled at the white stuff falling from the sky, causing problems for your morning commute. 567 more words