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Uninhabitable (Review)

I didn’t notice that Uninhabitable: A Case for Caution by C.S. Goldsmith is an older book because it is a very recent addition to the collection at the Norfolk (NE) Public Library. 990 more words


Vatican archbishop: All should accept that global warming is a fact

I have struggled to think of appropriate commentary on this, but feel I can’t say anything that is not potentially insulting to some Catholics or is overtly political, so I’ll let the story speak for itself.~ctm… 547 more words

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Welcome to the future. Don’t buy any cheap real estate in the land of permafrost, ’cause that permafrost is not longer perma-nent. Seems the tundra is melting now with climate change, that fees methane trapped for ages, and that can mean major blow-outs. 64 more words

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Al Gore Explains Why He Keeps Comparing Global Warming Activism To Freeing The Slaves — Watts Up With That?

In addition to the story below, rather than have multiple posts on the Goremeister, here’s a link to Bill Nye: Older people need to ‘die’ out before climate science can advance~ctm | | Energy Michael Bastasch Former Vice President Al Gore explained why he routinely compares the fight against global warming to the civil rights, […]

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Does Willis Eschenbach have Any Honor?

Let’s find out.

He wrote a new post at WUWT claiming this about James Hansen’s 1988 prediction of the course of temperature change over the following 30 years: 447 more words

Global Warming

An Inconvenient Truth 2

Global Warming

There are people who don’t believe the constant gas emissions and polluters we are suffocating our planet with aren’t affecting its health. Those same people might say I believe in bigfoot to discredit my belief. 54 more words