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Virtual Reality will solve our problem with Global Warming. Or maybe not.

Less is more

Less stuff, less waste. It’s as simple as that. In fact, some people are actively advocating what’s sometimes called “happy degrowth”, i.e. embracing a new kind of global economy based on an ecological paradigm and essentially rejecting capitalist ideas. 1,980 more words

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Record Year For Renewables Brings 185 GW of Clean Power Generation and 1.1 Million Electrical Vehicles

Despite policy opposition from fossil fuel backers across the world, renewable energy adoption rates rapidly accelerated during 2017 as both renewable electricity generation and clean energy vehicles saw considerable growth. 763 more words

Climate Change

Only Child weighs in on Toronto's plans to mitigate extreme weather

Continuing on from last week’s post on extreme weather and the devastation it causes, some places are actually doing something. The City of Toronto, for example is tackling the flooding issue by upgrading its storm and sewer systems in the older parts of Toronto. 749 more words

Only Child

Our Man in Davos reports on ‘6 feet of global warming’ — Watts Up With That?

Report by David Archibald The New York Times has reported on the great depth of snow blanketing Davos, Switzerland which is hosting the World Economic Forum.

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Climate Matters

Civil Climate Discourse — Iowa Climate Science Education

The issue of global warming/climate change has been used to polarize populations for political leverage. People like myself who are skeptical of alarmist claims find it difficult to engage with others whose minds are made up with or without a factual basis.

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