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The Oceans Are Boiling! Oh, Wait—Never Mind

From Powerline on November 14th

by Steven Hayward

About ten days back Nature magazine generated a lot of media attention for a study it published that purported to prove that the oceans were warming considerably faster than previously thought–up to 60 percent more. 598 more words

Climate Science And Global Warming

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is starting strong

Despite yet to being sworn into Congress until early January 2019, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is already demonstrating why her supporters want her in congress. Last Tuesday, November 13, Cortez started big by participating in a climate change protest organized by Sunrise Movement in the office of the House Minority’s leader Nancy Pelosi where approximately 200 protesters could be seen carrying “Green jobs for All” signs in her office lobby and down the hall. 300 more words


Lindzen explains the climate system

The following are excerpts from a lecture presented by Dr. Richard Lindzen to the Global Warming Policy Foundation in October, 2018. Dr. Lindzen was Alfred P. 2,182 more words

Climate Change

What Is The Future

I am writing a blog on what I think the future will hold. For me, I think that the future will be very different from what the world is today.   279 more words

Electronic Crash

IPCC ‘Knows’ Less About Future Climate Today Than It ‘Knew’ in 1998 Dennis Avery The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reveals their team knows even less about Earth’s global warming than it claimed to know almost 30 years ago.

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Climate Matters

It will take radical action to save us

Climate breakdown could be rapid and unpredictable. We can no longer tinker around the edges and hope minor changes will avert collapse.

by George Monbiot… 1,077 more words

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Day 2/365: The California Fires

Refresh the news and the numbers tick upward. 23. 29. 41. 48. Dead. More expected. Hundreds missing. Deadliest fire in California history. Thousands of structures and hundreds of thousands of acres burned. 424 more words

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