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Long Tail of Carbon Emissions

Earlier this century India and China decided to build fleets of coal-fired power plants as their citizenry entered a world most Americans and Europeans already knew for its modernity and comparative affluence. 456 more words


Northern Canada: 22C when it should be 0C.

Yikes, ultra creepy temp increase  … anything that says by 2100 Greenland Ice Massif will be gone … more like 2026 I’d say. This end of 2026 point in time is when i would think we are somewhere at a minimum of  3 to 4C global warming, you can wave goodbye to anything like a 2deg C prediction … quite laughable considering the interconnectedness of natures climate systems and feedback loops. 55 more words

Climate Change

Learning a Bit about CO² and Mass Hysteria

William Happer is one of our most renowned  and esteemed physicists, a professor emeritus from Princeton University. He decidedly does not agree with the current panic about the horrors of “climate change.”He says, and explains why CO², carbon dioxide, doesn’t have much of anything to do with warming, and we really need more of it — not less. 202 more words

Democrat Corruption

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. . Prof. William Happer discusses climate matters with an interviewer in this video.

Lack of temperature monitoring stations renders global temperature maps unreliable

“The map looks nothing like the one NOAA presents to the public.  By pixel count, 51% of the land area is gray “missing data,” 16% is below normal temperature, and 33% is above normal. 35 more words


It’s coming, the end.
And everyone sees it,
Watches it, as our planet dies,
She’s dying a slow and painful death,
And the end is teased out, 219 more words



Did you ever think Greenland would be one of the most important places on earth?  Well, it is.  Glacier there regains some ice, but that may not be all good news.

What does “net zero CO2 emissions” mean?

zero carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are achieved when anthropogenic
CO2 emissions are balanced globally by anthropogenic CO2 removals
over a specified period.

Example: The second of Extinction Rebellion’s three demands states that “we must enact legally binding policy measures to reduce carbon emissions to net zero CO2 emissions by 2025 and reduce consumption levels.”

Climate Change