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March in like a Lion

So I know I won’t see the end of the Honda Classic today on NBC due to the cancelling of the third round on Saturday. Nearly five inches of rain that fell in monsoon fashion and claimed the scoreboard that is usually floating in the lake to the right of the 18th green. 355 more words

New Brrrrrr-england, it is…

It has, apparently, been something of a slow news week, here in that part of the country known as New Brrrrrr-england. The radio and television, and even the print media (what little of it I ever pay attention to) has been positively abuzz with stories of how cold this winter has been, and of how there’s no end in sight. 1,080 more words

An Appreciation

The Inconvenient Truth

Climate change long ago joined the topics of politics, religion, and money as something you just can’t talk about. It seems that whenever these topics get brought up, previously friendly people get beet-red faces and leave with clenched fists and indigestion. 630 more words

Climate Change

The Grey Cards - "Windmill" (free download)

A song about those dark satanic mills that blight our pleasant pastures.

Indie Rock

Global Warming and Climate Change: You Have a Lot at Stake AND the Opportunity to Make Changes

by Alan Eggleston

Is it cold where you are? Has it been cold lately where you are? According to Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma, holding a snowball in his hand in the chamber of the U.S. 1,240 more words


Interesting Information: Why So Much Snow and Cold in New England in 2015 Winter?

Interesting Information:  March 1, 2015

Why So Much Snow and Cold in New England in 2015 Winter?

According to NOAA and NASA, 2014 was Earth’s warmest year since the government started keeping statistics back in 1880. 608 more words

Interesting Information