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To which the Republicans reply: Log, baby, log.

I used to live in Rep. Greg Walden’s District.  No longer, but I still get his Republican spam.  973 more words


President Trump is the Biblical Bold Lion

The actions of the guilty will usually expose the truth. Climate Alarmists will avoid debating for a reason, they are telling lies and don’t want to be exposed. 481 more words

Climate Change

Mexico: A Quiet Leader in Veganism & Sustainability

Amigos, it’s been quite a while since my last blog. Sorry! I’ve been a little overwhelmed with preparing to move out of my LA home (selling lots of my stuff and donating the rest). 2,083 more words


SATIRE: Students spontaneously combusting on way to class

With temperatures reaching into the 90’s in the previous weeks, many students have been suffering the consequences, with some being worse than others.

Amid these soaring temperatures, there have been multiple reports of students spontaneously combusting while walking to class. 426 more words

The Sentinel

A Spot of Hot Weather

We picked one of the hottest weeks in a summer heatwave that had gripped Europe for our two weeks in Germany. Glaciers were melting in Sweden. 275 more words


Climate Change Debating Points

Re-Blogged From CO2 is Life

Chart #1: This is the chart on which the entire CO2 driven climate change fraud is based. It is also the chart that will ultimately be used to prove the fraudulent nature of the NASA, NOAA and HadCRU data “adjustments.” CO2’s increase in near-linear and it is this linear trend that will ultimately undermine the CO2 driven climate change fraud. 2,156 more words

CAGW Alarmism