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Papua New Guinea: How good AML is pushing placement back to the gatekeepers

Effective anti-money laundering programmes in banks are moving the gateposts for placing dirty cash into the financial system back a few steps, into the offices of lawyers, accountants and other professional service providers.   537 more words


People Socially Cleansed As 'Dirty Money' Floods Into London

“There is no place for dirty money in Britain”, so says UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, who has promised to crack down on dodgy offshore companies that buy up luxury properties in the UK. 864 more words

Apple and other US companies haven't done enough to keep conflict minerals out of their products

Several dozen major American companies are failing to adequately ensure that minerals funding conflict in the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) don’t end up in their products, according to two international nonprofit groups. 920 more words

How many more? Every week are murdered two environmental activists in the World

Killings of environmental activists have risen by 20% in the last year, according to campaign group Global Witness. A report published by the organisation said there were 116 deaths worldwide in 2014, including 29 in Brazil, 25 in Colombia and 15 in the Philippines.

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Environmental Attention

A thousand murders, a thousand stories to tell

Bancha Noppawong is a very rare kind of man, simply because we know his name. He hit the headlines in October 2000, in Phuket, Thailand, when he drove a pick-up truck into a motorbike and knocked the two people on it into the road. 479 more words

More Than Two Environmental Activists Were Killed Each Week in 2014

The killing of environmental activists jumped by 20% in 2014, with at least 116 deaths around the world tied to disputes involving land and natural resources, the London-based advocacy organization Global Witness claimed this week. 172 more words

The Resource Curse – the plunder of Africa’s natural resources

Tom Burgis, an investigative journalist for the Financial Times, spent six years researching his new book ‘The Looting Machine’. The book, published at the end of February, lifts the lid on the prolific and systematic pillaging of Africa’s resource wealth by kelptocratic governments and their dodgy deals with Western and Chinese companies. 738 more words