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Amazon tribe members slaughtered

The Independent just reported, members of a recently discovered Amazon tribe were slaughtered by gold prospectors. Brazilian federal prosecutors are investigating the massacre, after FUNAI reported the murders. 374 more words


Global 'False' Witness Targets Nicaragua

By Tortilla con Sal | teleSUR | August 4, 2017

Global Witness is a well-established environmental and human rights non-governmental organization based in Britain.

As with many other similar organizations, its reports often figure in news media as authoritative sources on international issues.

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Big-name US senators are joining the push to crack down on kleptocrat-friendly shell companies

Momentum seems to be growing in the bipartisan push to tackle secretive US shell companies. Since bills were introduced in late June in both the House and the Senate, the legislative movement has gained its first national figure: 2016 Republican presidential candidate senator Marco Rubio. 253 more words

Selling blood diamonds is as simple as a Facebook post and a WhatsApp message

Finding the black market pushing blood diamonds is as simple as logging on to Facebook.

Since the chaos of a 2013 coup in the Central African Republic, conflict diamonds have become a key source of income for both sides of the ongoing conflict, according to… 330 more words

Repayments for a Loan? Required Disclosure - Dan Gertler and Glencor PLC

Bloomberg Markets March 2, 2017


Glencore Paid Gertler’s Firm $100 Million Congo Royalties

Glencore Plc paid more than $100 million previously owed to the Democratic Republic of Congo’s state mining business to a company controlled by billionaire investor Dan Gertler, according to advocacy group Global Witness. 631 more words