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Global Change Keynote | Peter Schiff

Peter Schiff enlightens the audience at Access Tax Lien Talk to policies and phenomenons that threaten the future of Americas economy. Schiff gives insights that beckon the listener to brace for a new era in the global economy.

Recently discovered Japanese pufferfish included in list of top ten new species

The ocean is full of a massive array of undiscovered species, so scientists are always finding new types of creatures lurking offshore. The circle-making pufferfish… 622 more words


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Well, most people aware of their surroundings (not many), may have noticed the escalation of troubles on a global scale; if not, you need not read the content of this blog—simple, yes? 160 more words

Celebrity Life: Sunrise's Samantha Armytage has stalkers

Stalking has become a real issue for Sunrise host Samantha Armytage after one Seven Network executive suggested she is being followed to and from her home. 446 more words


Chinese Thriller 'Silent Witness' to Get Korean Remake

BUSAN — Chinese crime thriller “Silent Witness” is to be remade in South Korea.

Korean production house Yong Film told Variety that it bought the remake rights to director Fei Xing’s original film. 129 more words


Greece : To exit the Euro or not to pay... not a problem following Greek leaders. Watch Spain and Poland...

A call by hardliners within Greece’s ruling Radical Left Coalition (Syriza) party to not pay the next installment to the International Monetary Fund and to nationalize the country’s banks has been narrowly defeated. 396 more words