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Two dead following mid-air collision of two light planes in New Zealand

Two light aircraft collided mid-air on their final approach at a regional aerodrome in New Zealand on Sunday killing both pilots, police said.

Four parachutists on board of one of the planes had jumped shortly before it crashed with the other plane, a training aircraft. 172 more words


The worrying effects of microplastics

You may or may not have heard recently about microplastics and the negative effects they are having on our planet.

Microplastics are plastic pollution that is less than 5 millimetres (0.2 inches) in size, which can’t biodegrade (break down), so it accumulates. 583 more words



1. Navdanya: Bija Vidyapeeth (Earth University)

“The defense of nature’s rights and people’s rights, especially women’s rights, have come together for me in Earth Democracy – the democracy of all life on earth, a living democracy which supports and is supported by living culture and living economies.” 1,293 more words

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If Only Sudan Get's the Same Attention the World Gave to Notre Dame

Recently, social media and international news agencies took one of Africa’s largest country under the spotlight but in a rather displeasing way. The country which should be under jubilation for successfully ousting the almost 3-decade dictatorial rule of Omar al-Bashir is on the brink of a civil war after militias took over the supposed to be transition to a civilian government. 134 more words


Food for thought...


We are just different degrees of the same dysfunction…accept your fears, it’s the only way outta here. CPTSD creates internal and external Narcissism based on faulty miswiring. 296 more words


One dead, one missing following collapse of copper mine in Chile

Chilean authorities found alive one of three Bolivian miners trapped beneath the rubble at a small copper mine early on Saturday, while another was found dead, Chile´s mining ministry said. 163 more words


Singapore: Global Warming is turning up the heat both figuratively and literally

A report by the Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS), a division of the National Environment Agency, has found that Singapore’s temperature has risen at a rate more than double that of the global average – at 0.25 degrees Celsius per decade. 367 more words