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Donald asks…

What is diversification strategy ?

tomas37 answers:
Concentric diversification – adding new, but related products or services
conglomerate diversification – adding new, unrelated products or services… 10 more words

"Fun Knee Fry Day"- Happy Hour Anyone?

You may want to think twice before imbibing in some of these beauties…

Is this for human consumption?

I’d like a can of bottled water please. 32 more words


“Fun Knee Fry Day”

Just a few letters can make a world of difference!


G11n, I18n, L10n, Translation – Sure you know what these mean? OR Feeling GILTy because you need clarification?

Many businesses who are in the initial stages of taking their products to new markets get confused by the terms Globalization, Internationalization, Localization and Translation.  Collectively, these terms are referred to as “GILT”, and represent all of the language and culture related processes involved in global business.    550 more words


Making Something More out of "Going Global"

For the past 18 months I’ve been working on a globalization strategy on behalf of my company. Ultimately the strategy resulted in a partnership with a company based in Italy with dual headquarters in both Rome and Milan. 540 more words


The power of translation at your fingertips...getting cozy with your community.

Part 5 – The key to enabling crowd-based translations – site integration Content repurposed courtesy of Lingotek, www.lingotek.com So far in this series we’ve talk about why the traditional translation model breaks down in today’s socially-driven online environment and how new technologies now allow you to translate content quickly, cost-effectively and accurately. 674 more words


Every “Crowd” has its silver lining…Understanding the advantages of using the Crowd

Part 4 – Traditional vs. Crowd translations

Content repurposed courtesy of Lingotek, www.lingotek.com

In part 3 we explained the various channels for translating your content. We implied that sometimes your crowd may be able to translate your high-value content as accurately and consistently as using a traditional translator. 511 more words