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Why build cross-cultural competency: Four steps to organizational innovation

I’ve documented in previous posts that the largest companies in the world (an increasing number of which are technology companies) have experienced and continue a experience a sustained shift in revenue, assets and employees away from domestic markets and toward foreign markets. 634 more words


Ending the Globalization Smokescreen

I admit it – I was wrong. More than 15 years in the localization industry only to find that I was fooling myself. Like many insiders, I was convinced that if we applied the right technology to the problem of translation, we would advance the cause of globalization, garner respect from senior execs in client organizations and win vital budget allocations along the way. 2,304 more words

Globalization Strategy

What is Idiosynch?

Idiosynch is advisory firm that focuses on the human side of globalization. We work with forward-thinking leaders in business and education to transform the ways people collaborate across cultures, develop globally enabled products and drive global business expansion. 181 more words

Globalization Strategy