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How Much Water Do You Eat? Interesting Infographic Breaks It Down

Few people realize the food they eat makes up 2/3 of our total water footprint.

by Amanda Froelich

Water is the elixir that sustains life and allows populations to thrive. 270 more words


The Death of the Auditory Accent


Accents are the perceived differences in pronunciation and articulation patterns between speakers of the same mechanical tongue. While two people may speak the same language and use the same words, they may be perceive each other to be speaking differently from themselves.  167 more words


Why Greece Matters for Everyone

Greece is a tiny country. It’s 0.3 % of the GDP of the world. Most private creditors took their money out of the debt-ridden nation years ago. 786 more words

Globalization mon amour!

Cari lettori, oggi voglio mostrarvi un’altra immagine da me realizzata. Mi piacciono moltissimo le grandi metropoli e tutto ciò che da esse deriva. Amo passeggiare e perdermi fra le vie affollate e caotiche delle città, scoprire nuovi negozi e le usanze delle persone. 79 more words