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Race to the Future

Competition among economies to attract multinational companies and investments for job creation is not new, but it has become more prominent in the 21st century. … 447 more words


Andy Warhol – Green Coca-Cola Bottles (1962)

With his ad nauseam repetitions of commercial items like Coca-Cola bottles and Campbell Soup cans, you could easily think that Andy Warhol’s art was a social critique of mindless, impersonal consumerism. 416 more words


Worlds Collapse, Civilizations Fade

I just couldn’t get with the pacifists. They’re not my people and I don’t respect them. So back to being me.

And Aye. It’s true. Our puny civilizations collapse and fade amidst the backdrop of time. 304 more words

Agama: Privasi Yang Terpublikasi

Agama: Privasi Yang Terpublikasi

“Lakum diinukum wa liyaddiin”

Untukmu agamamu, untukku agamaku

Agama, ketika mendengar kata ini, berbagai macam pendapat muncul di dalam kepala. Keyakinan, ketenangan, religiusitas, kedamaian, pencarian hidup, makna, momok, pemecah belah, dan sebagainya. 1,146 more words


Starbucks (Yay!) is Still a Corporation (Boo!)

A lot of corporations do things that are bad for the world, whether that’s the environment or people or both. Starbucks is not an exception to that. 569 more words


Research Essay on Migration

*This is the research essay which I wrote for Globalization class in my first semester at MUFY. Please note that copying without reference is plagiarism, reproduction without permission is copyright infringement and theft of intellectual property, and seeking unfair advantage in completing assignments is an academic offence as well. 1,404 more words