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Indian Code of Technology

For a long time until recently, for any Indian, idea of Good Quality was about anything made abroad, especially made in Japan, Germany and or England. 641 more words

The Wholefoods Way: How ethical is a globalized organic food retailer?

Being named in Ethisphere Institute’s “World’s Most Ethical Companies” list on numerous occasions, Wholefoods stands tall as one of the largest organic food retailers in the world and the biggest seller of organic milk. 2,297 more words

Bucknell Ethics

Tech Talk

Last few years, each one of us has been caught in to two dominant emotions – one that of marvel and second that of angst based curiosity. 828 more words

Welcome to Supply Chain Land - Part 1: Pancakes for Thought

With globalization at its peak and a mass movement towards outsourcing, successful supply chain management has become a core focus for industry leaders. Billion dollar companies are under pressure to move inventory faster and more efficiently than ever before in an increasingly complex, competitive environment while maintaining first-rate supplier relationships. 507 more words

Supply Chain

F.H. Buckley: Yes, incomes are less equal. But there isn't much we can do about it

There is more income inequality today than in the past, and we’d like to reverse that if we could. Without cost, that is. There are a lot of things we’d like to do without, but just can’t change. 889 more words

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US billionaire George Soros ready to invest $1 billion in Ukrainian economy

(Looks like it’s payday for George Soros in Ukraine. All he needs is a new puppet to run things and a few more neo-Nazi troops trained by President Peace Prize (on your dime) and he’s ready, willing and able to plunder for profit in the new, neolibral Ukraine. 57 more words


Six reasons why what’s un-American may become a campaign issue in 2016

Every culture has its idiosyncrasies. One unique feature of America’s is periodic episodes of hysteria over foreign influence, a remarkable trait considering the country is a nation of immigrants. 1,085 more words