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Mussalaha (Reconciliation), Part 1: Syria

This is part 1 of a 2-part series where I will be discussing the importance of the concept of Mussalaha (Reconciliation) to Middle-east politics and resistance to imperialism. 2,553 more words


What is Globalization? 🌏

An interesting way to think about this is that Globalization is comparable to a jungle. It sorta runs on the rule of survival of the fittest. 812 more words


Chinese Investors Are Learning and Expanding Globally

China’s Foreign Direct Investment outflows started to surpass the inflows in 2016. According to the World Development Indicator (2017), China’s foreign direct investment net outflows reached $217.20 billion while net inflows was $170.56 billion. 307 more words

Book review: Thank You For Being Late: An Optimist's Guide to Thriving in the Age of Accelerations

I must admit. I wasn’t looking forward to reading this book. I had read part of a previous book by Friedman but stopped because it was such a downer. 866 more words


The Democratic Party's 'Better Deal'

After decades of seemingly endless neo-liberal attacks on the American people, one of the two monopoly parties of Wall Street, Big Business, and the military-intelligence state has just awoken in horror to discover it’s not very popular with the people and may actually need to offer something a bit better. 1,173 more words


Decentralization versus Centralization

Decentralization versus Centralization (Objectives and Learning Goals)

  1. Centralization – Define Centralization and its characteristics
    1. Factors determining the extent of centralization – Identify the factors determining the extent of centralization…
  2. 3,093 more words