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Paytm is finally turning the mobile wallet dream into reality - in India

If the future is mobile – there seems little debate on that – then countries that leapfrog to mobile may produce the long-awaited mobile wallet winner. 1,100 more words

Fintech Global Tour

Post #76 – TPP: A Deeply Flawed Partnership

The American people have become used to government trickery in foreign affairs—wars and interventions based on lies and falsified evidence, “national security” used to justify the whittling away of privacy, classification of documents to hide embarrassing disclosures, massaging of budget figures to mask outrageous spending on arms, and claims of weakness in weapons systems that mask actual overkill capacity. 1,331 more words

US Foreign Policy

How for-Profit-Colleges Bankroll the Electoral Elite*

How for-Profit-Colleges Bankroll the Electoral Elite*

By Lee Fang

The spectacular crash of Corinthian Colleges after years of systematically deceiving thousands of students into enrolling into low-quality, high-cost education programs… 751 more words


Dipesh Chakrabarty, From globalization to global warming: a historiographical transition

I’ve been in transition for the last few weeks, plus conferences in La Crosse and Chicago, but hopefully things will settle down soon and I’ll have a chance to post a more detailed update…

Kink in a foreign country: An Introduction

I arrived at the cafe a little out of breath, a little dizzy and a little thirsty from the heat. Tucked into one of Taipei’s branchlike back alleys, the cafe hardly announced itself as the location for a BDSM munch. 1,703 more words


Honors 11: The Yes Men, cont.

We continued watching The Yes Men today from Friday. First hour got through clip 7 and will finish tomorrow. Second hour got through clip 6 but needs to finish discussing tomorrow. 14 more words

Honors 11