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The Smell of Cordite Hung in the Air

So I’m reading away on the first in series of a new-to-me thriller author, enjoying the story line and the protagonist (tortured male assassin–one of my favorite kind of characters. 462 more words

Writing Advice


IF ONLY IT WERE THAT SIMPLE……to make some sense of yet another mass shooting.  The most recent one at Umpqua Community College this past week, the latest in a long line that seem to be occurring in growing frequency over the recent years.   1,034 more words


When should I clean my Glock?

Everyone has their own ideas about this, and most of them work just fine.

I’ll begin by breaking this into two groups: pistols you carry for protection, and competition guns. 246 more words

Getting Started

Glocks and Human Nature: Deadly Mixture?

I freely admit I’m a Glock fan. However, I am not a Glock fanatic. I own other brands of handguns, and appreciate many others I don’t own. 447 more words


The Perfect Carry Gun?!

Pro2AGuy sent us a photo of what he considers to be the perfect CCW … I took me a bit of time to find that “perfect” CCW, but I settled on the Glock 26.

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Personal Responsibility

The jururs wanted to know if Glocks of the same color and model look alike.......................


They want to watch the video again, so if we can

get that set up.

All right. You ready for the next paragraph? 480 more words

Attorney Incompetence