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Q+A today - business and trade

On Q+A this morning:

Why is business feeling so gloomy? Surveys show business confidence has been persistently low since the Labour led Government took office. Corin Dann talks to Finance Minister Grant Robertson. 36 more words



I’m a broken musical instrument,
Let me flute my fears out.

I’m a baseless chalice,
I can’t hold anything, but some dark and gloomy memories. 70 more words



It’s weird how, in a matter of seconds,

Anyone could just turn into a memory.


Dusty memory.

You are a dusty memory.

Lying in some corner.

Obliterated with cobwebs.

No more mine.

Painful, the memory is.

But cobwebs will slowly swallow it up. 33 more words



Perched high up in a tree,
Leaning against my shoulder,
Embracing and eloping in the night,
A scattered leaf caught in her hair,
Silence all around, 119 more words



Evening Friends,

I dunno, y’all. I can’t even think of what to say. The kids we’re pretty rowdy today, but I love them nonetheless. I just want to spread the love of Jesus y’all. 41 more words


flowers from plastic, metals. . and glass

It’s breaking.

The flowers you gave me, the plastic shattered.

The metals melted.

The glasses scattered across the floor.

I sat on the floor and look at the flowers; 70 more words