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Midnight Memories

I glance outside my window on a gloomy night lost in your thoughts. I cast a look around my house and see all the objects that are etched with your memory. 141 more words



As I lose my will to fight, the weight of the world fell on my shoulders.
Which one now? The pain or the scars? Or both? 264 more words

Violinist's Harmony

The notes danced wildly into the wind. Like a fire’s flames, they exhausted the atmosphere with their wry solicit cries of morose and silent disdain. The hands that wielded the violin of the sullen music moved with a prudent purpose. 211 more words


My Skin Is Cold, My Heart Is Warm 10/16/17 12:40 AM

I can’t move

But I can think, reflect

I sat froze, on the ledge of my roof, frigid air against my cheeks

Stars dwindle lighty, tiny specks in the dark sky… 114 more words


Nantes through photos:

Nantes was pretty gloomy while I there and, since I was so familiar with most of the surroundings, I found myself taking less photos and instead enjoying being in a place I felt comfortable and, for once, not like a tourist.

stay by my side

If only he know.

At the last moment of her life, she think about him.

Selfishly, he left and never looking back. She never told him about what she feels about him, or how much she worried about him when he got hurt. 94 more words

Clouding over

This is one of those images that once shot end edited, pretty much summed up the kind of mood I was in that day…and that is about as much as I want to say… I’ll let you, the viewer, draw your own meanings from this image… 11 more words

Railway Station