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Mamma Andersson

The Best Storyteller I, 2005. Acrylic and oil on panel. 31 1/2″ x 48″

About a Girl, 2005. Oil on canvas, diptych. 19″ x 25″

Goodbye, 2012. Oil on panel. 45 1/8″ x 65 5/8″

Nature’s Appalling Path

I probably cheated death.
I swear I was supposed to die that afternoon.
I mean, it’s not like the strike was just a minor strike. 167 more words


A Dreary Thanksgiving Break

Hello Wonderful Listeners.

Today is another day in life. Well, it was another day in life seeing as how this day just ended. Anyway, I have come here to spew out my thoughts. 611 more words



Searching for a good university. This is all I ever wanted, then why do I feel so gloomy?


My Memories Haunt me

The word for Humans in Arabic is ” Insan” which means two things, one is the ones who feel Love, unlike animals they don’t have love,like a mother snake would eat its egg inorder to survive, but a Human mother won’t do that. 320 more words


#6 Random Writing

Tinjunya menghantam cermin segi empat, menyebabkan beberapa bagian kulit punggung tangannya robek, dan ada sisi-sisi yang tertanam serpihan tajam.

Ia menangis. 172 more words


#5 Random Writing

What I’m good at? Crying and hurting myself.