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7:45 pm

I’m not going to see you for Christmas, am I? I already know you’re gonna have to be at home or even farther with your family the moment school is over. 641 more words


No More "Running Away"

I will be celebrating my 1 year anniversary of a brand new life on the 1st of November.  That was the day my life took a good turn a round. 633 more words


What is Life Really About?

Hello, my name is XXXXX and i am depressed! I’m depressed because i just feel so and  I’ve been depressed almost all my adult life. 1,430 more words




I’m back to my home town. Idk for how long i can stay. But I’m glad I can be here.

Thinking I’m fine leaving my previous job is way better than i ever imagined. 252 more words

Infinity Talk

in the line again (route 2)

I feel like I spend most of my day sitting in the car, my foot heavy on the brake and waiting as the traffic crawls forward.   37 more words


Cruise Poem C27

Haiku for the rain and cold –
Stopped me from writing
Poetry tonight



Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion. 81 more words


Gloomy Clouds

Clouds with dark grayish swirl of white
Drift in like an unwelcome guest
Ready to unload all its grief on you
Which comes down as raining tears as they… 35 more words

Current Poetry