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I've Lost It

I’ve lost it

I forgot putting it where

Or maybe it lags


But I couldn’t remember

Whether I really ever took it

Or Am I really never have it… 75 more words


My First Blog Post!

As my first blog post, I am sharing with you a photo I took in Pismo Beach during the spring break of 2016. Although the sky was overcast that day, I love the effect it gives the photo and the colors that are presented.



Have you ever felt this way? The feeling of being lost in a world of billions of people and even though you’re surrounded by more than hundreds of them, you are unable to shoo it Away? 508 more words

Mademoiselle Monday

Mademoiselle Monday at 10am is a little bitch.

She’s sulking for reasons unknown to mankind, soaking the city in a rainfall of tears.

Cold, grey and unfriendly… 16 more words

There’s a big difference, I discovered,
between wanting to die and not wanting to live

-Marilyn Manson


Soul Reflection

Days like these reflect my soul. Intricate, depth, shades of grey and yet so beautiful. #picoftheday #photoblogger #photograher #selftaught #photooftheday #mysoul #gloomy #durban