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yer feeling dumb as pie

don’t it just suck when you feel like you did a dumb thing and you have let people down because of it…yer thats me today because i feel like i let my best mate down. 54 more words


Till I collapse

Just when the stars were busy glittering, buds were busy evolving and good times were rolling.

About time, the latter had an intuition of a storm coming which was literally true to the core. 197 more words


Table for 2

Good afternoon, A table for two sir?

Yes.. Please.we have a booking..

I ushered them to a very lovely spot where we reserved a table for this couple who are celebrating their first anniversary.   409 more words


Rainy Gloomy Beautiful Day

25/Sept/2016, maybe the gloomiest day for me. It was rainy all day, yet I still enjoy it so much. Finally i get my weekend and met my lovely Nephew and Niece (*^▽^*) I’ve been struggling last week with a lot of problem on my life (not job related,,, personal,maybe love, life) Forget to mention that my sister live in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia with her little family. 783 more words

Football, Religion, and Routines

I’m laying in bed right now, 5 o’clock, Sunday, not wanting to do any homework. All the tv shows I start watching get boring and predictable within the first season, probably a downside from watching almost every tv show I can, I have no friends to talk with to occupy me for hours just talking about random stuff, hanging out with family isn’t an option because they would send me back to start my homework, Sleeping will mess up my sleep schedule or I’ll sleep till the next day and have late homework. 448 more words


My Expectations Versus The World

Ever wondered how dark are the days when revised at night?
Ever wondered how difficult is adding colours while thriving in black and white?

The colourful balloons they were selling, added colours to life of others while their own lives lie estranged in black and white.

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