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Gloomy Days

Hope you babes are having a great Thursday! It’s almost the weekend so hang in there!

This year spring has been so gloomy especially this past month of May. 164 more words

Kristina Marie Villeses

Brain failure

My depression is playing up at the moment.  Having increased the dose of my previous medication to the point where I was falling asleep while putting the girls to bed and had no time or energy left to do even the most minimal of housework, my GP suggested I tried a different drug.  539 more words


I can't brain today

Blame the long weekend. Blame the rain. Blame the gloominess. I just can’t think today.

I need to finish filling out these papers and every time I get the information I need, I find out I need more information. 213 more words

Heart-sick Memories...

Hey frnds!

This is probably the first ever post that shares my gloomy, cheerless moments with you. I thought of posting this so that when I read all my posts later in my future, maybe I can recall these ‘Heartsick memories’ in case I forgot. 456 more words


Grey skies

Got caught in the rain today on the way from back from work. And not like a heavy downpour. It was more a full on thunderstorm, complete with lightning and thunder. 237 more words



After what happened with me and my friends, it came to my senses that the shows I watch, are all effin lies. You don’t just kiss and make up. 260 more words