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This dreary day...

It's such a dreary Tuesday. Driving to work I saw the mountains blanketed in folds of gray and blue. The rain and fog slowed down my drive, made it melancholy. 68 more words


Dark Days

I see the light in your darkest days

I see the moon on a moonless night

I look forward to the sun rising after it has set… 10 more words


Music is Moonlight...

Music is moonlight in the gloomy night of life.

Jean Paul Richter


Press Down to End

The poem starts

As the sun comes down

And the world’s noise are gone

Where everyone is quiet,

Sound asleep just as their pet

Is the time when her friend visits. 210 more words



I love the rain, I always have. I admire how the steady downpour washes away the dullness of the world. Have you ever noticed how the trees look a bit brighter after rain? 192 more words

Finding Solace When It Rains

And yet it rains again. Sometimes I find tranquility every time the sky is weeping especially when I’m in the comfort of home. It’s so undeniably assuaging hearing the soft hum of raindrops hitting the ground, while the cold breeze tries its utmost best to pass through the window gaps, caressing your bare skin with its non-existing fingers, and you, lying on your bed, immobilized by the beauty of the phenomenon. 66 more words