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the weather is gloomy and so am I.

Humans have to be somehow connected to the weather. Spiritual, emotionally, whichever way…The weather has a strong hold on the way we feel about things. Today the weather is rainy and dark and I know it’s early and there’s time for change but I can’t help but feel rainy and dark inside. 52 more words

Still fuzzy...

Recall is definitely still fuzzy but I am remembering more feelings and shapes without specific effort. Maybe the trick is not to force the memories and they will come on their own. 423 more words

portrait series 2 with Lina

location: cologne
key words: vintage portraits | gloomy atmosphere | nude aesthetics
© Yonca Yildirim 

Villanelle for a Gloomy Tuesday

These are the facts. This is what I know.

On gloomy days, we have to face our fears.

They say the rain today may turn to snow. 147 more words

The Doll

I remember the doll

I was once gifted on my birthday.

She had the saddest of smile there ever was.

She was caged in a lone, cold, marble, glass bottle. 269 more words


She was struggling all alone,

none could hear the silent groan.

Bruises, too deep….

scathed by some creep.

A solitary tear

trickled down the cheek, 86 more words