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Reach around her waist to touch the keys of the piano. What happened to all the things that were? Lean your head against her shoulder and sway to theĀ composition of neurons inside your brain. 34 more words

Prose Poetry



Overcast dark and gloomy

Stormy unsettled

Haiku Poetry

Ia dan masa lalu yang bukan miliknya

Langit kelabu.
Warna abu-abu seakan mengelilinginya.
Ia paksakan tak menitikkan air mata.

Setiap manusia memiliki masa lalu.
Masa yang bahagia, haru biru bahkan sendu.
Ada yang menyimpannya, berusaha melupakannya, atau kembali mengenangnya bila ada waktu. 149 more words


Today's a new day, but there is no sunshine

For the last 3 days, the weather has been as enthusiastic as I have been feeling. My Glob it is so fucking cold. It has been nothing but constant rain, and while I am very glad that is it raining (although it’s a tad too much, and we aren’t even in a catchment area), I am not a fan of this cold. 73 more words