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Exclusive Collections Gallery Celebrates 20 Years

Art is and always has been a crucial part of our human existence. Art chronicles history and tells a visual story of the experiences of life. 550 more words

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Street Beat: Mother's Day -- Family Concerns

On Saturday, May 2, host Karen Carter honors and celebrates mothers today. First, she meets Jessica Byrd, the founder of The Mom’s Club, who helps young mothers be the best moms they can be. 179 more words


4 to 10 Years For Kirk Bills

( Las Vegas, NV ) It’s 4-to-10 years for Kirk Bills, the now 28-year-old one-time boxer who’s already been jailed for more than a year  for setting fire to a Las Vegas pet shop where 27 puppies and dogs were rescued when the building’s sprinkles doused the arson fire. 58 more words


Pet Shop Owner Accused Of Arson Involving Puppies Convicted

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

There are crimes where a defendant’s depraved actions almost beg for a strong sentence. Torching a pet store and pouring kerosene on puppies certainly qualifies. 543 more words


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gloria-lee-and-kirk-bills Gloria Lee, the gook, and Kirk Bills, her nigger boyfriend, are two of the most worthless, evil pieces of shit to make the pages of this website. (Yes, I'm pissed and I'm not going to censor my words. If you don't like them, find another web site to visit.) These two shit stains on the asshole of humanity tried to burn down her pet shop full of puppies. The bitch has pulled a lot shit before that got her in trouble with the law, but pouring gas on puppies to collect the insurance on your piece of shit failing business is lower than low. This reblog from Professor Turley's site tells us that the bitch even claimed to be pregnant at sentencing to use as a get out of jail card. F*ck her. The judge gave her five to fourteen years in the big house. I hope this worse than worthless c*nt serves every f*cking day and then some. Then she should be deported back to Korea, her country of origin. I apologize for my language, but really, in my world she would have have been executed. By having gas poured on her and then setting her afire.

Pregnant Store Owner Gets 5 Years In Puppy Arson Case

LAS VEGAS (AP) — A former Las Vegas pet shop owner who was caught on surveillance video torching her business before 27 puppies and dogs were rescued last year failed to sway her sentencing judge with a courtroom announcement Wednesday that she was three months pregnant. 333 more words


Pet Shop Owner Sentenced In Arson Case Gloria Lee gets up to 14 years in prison

( Las Vegas, NV ) – The woman who co-owned the southwest valley pet shop that gained worldwide attention in an arson case learned her sentence Wednesday – but not before asking for leniency, telling the judge she’s now three months pregnant. 176 more words


This Bitch Only Got 5 To 14 Years For Burning Down A Pet Shop With Dogs Inside

AP – A 36-year-old former Las Vegas pet shop owner was sentenced to 5 to 14 years in state prison for setting fire to the business where 27 puppies and dogs were rescued last year.  323 more words