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Expanded Elements

My Elements piece is thus far my most popular piece of writing and has proven valuable to myself and others so I would like to expand on more recent painting breakthroughs. 514 more words

Art And Illustration

Drabble: Element

Snow was falling harder now than it had been all winter previous.  Not many at the University were actually of a Christian pursuasion, but classes were still out of session for Christmas.  194 more words



I’m not sure why I just clicked on “write post.” Really nothing to say.

I’m on the second repeat of Glorianna, v. 2 — that’s happy. 116 more words


Forward! March!

I am starting the second repeat on Glorianna. The first repeat may be all wonky but it still looks purty so I’ve decided that I just don’t care that it isn’t perfect (big step for KIRSTEN!). 299 more words


Things to do today. In no particular order...

  1. Go yell at apartment lady for allowing contractors to seal up all the windows in our building so they can paint the exterior of our building.
  2. 446 more words

Oh, the sadness...

I regret to inform you that Glorianna has been ripped.

I was tinking back and something weird happened. As I attempted to figure out the weirdness, a runaway stitch jumped off the needle and went flying down the pattern. 465 more words


Check this out:

There is a new Logos Hope video up! It’s fun for my team and I because nearly everyone in the video is someone we worked with in May/June. 138 more words