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OGTGIF (Oh God, thank God it’s Friday!)

Work has been way too hectic for my liking and there were many moments this week (daily) that I just wanted to throw a smoke screen and disappear..perhaps forever.

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Yes, feast your eyes on this beautiful thing!

The best pizza in Port Hedland is from Bruno’s. Located in a little stand alone building right next to the Cooke Point Recreation Club.

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TC Stan has come and gone, it was a wild night that I slept through, clearly too old for parties! Anyway, in my previous post…

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Eat, Drink and be Merry Saturday

There has been a little spot of rain and strong winds as the storm’s front comes in. So I did say in my previous post that I was going to be indoors most of the weekend. 452 more words


Exercise = coffee and cronuts!

There was a time when exercise met slugging it out at the gym or going for a run. I would more than likely re-energise and repair with a protein shake or vitamin packed juice. 134 more words


Avo' Berry Nutty Day: Smoothie Time

I must be getting nuttier by the minute.

Anyway, this smoothie recipe involved no nuts…just innocent cocoNUT water.

Yields 1 l

You’ll need:


I’ve finally settled into my unit which will be home for the next few weeks.

The journey took a total of 17.5 hours. I left Perth at 05:00 with a colleague and got into Newman around 17:00 last night where we stayed over night, leaving at 06:00 this morning.

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