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Glorious Ruins

The world has some pretty amazing landmarks.

France has the Eiffel Tower. England the Big Ben. USA the Statue of Liberty. Egypt the Pyramids. Australia the Sydney Harbour Bridge. 1,062 more words

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Absolutely beautiful and thought provoking.

The Gift of a Sunrise

Maybe God wanted to do something nice for me after I had to have a blood
test (does anyone like them?), or He just wanted to delight me somehow, 20 more words

Personal Story
“Don’t be afraid to make a mess. Writing is like life: glorious, unpredictable, full of passion, woe, and joy.”
~Elizabeth Sims

Trapped by Trump: How the Tea Party’s (White Freemasons) Glorious Victories Created the Gop’s Current Nightmare

That tweet sent shock waves through the political world yesterday. Democrats understood it to mean that the next four weeks are going to be an ugly mud-wrestling contest the likes of which this country has never seen. 1,091 more words

Daily News

2016, September 26 - 1961 - sunset 3

another day ends, (5)
the blurry evening returns (7)
falling at our feet (5)


So Much Heart

Please put dogs on The Voice. Thank you.


Random Thoughts

Good and Great

Have you ever asked God, “Do you even care about me?” or “Do you not care that I am suffering?” I know that I have, multiple times in my life.  519 more words