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Glorious Crowns: Gain Confidence With Hair Restoration Techniques

Many men and women alike suffer from hair loss, and in some cases, its effects can be visible at a very young age in early adulthood. 107 more words

All It Takes Is A Hand

One day a few months ago, I was visiting a butterfly farm in Ecuador with some guests that I had brought along. One of the things you can do at the butterfly farm is put a butterfly onto your finger with some squished banana that they put out just for that. 861 more words

Serving Others

Food Glorious Food!

Most random of thoughts I had last night while dinner was being made. There’s this particular meal I don’t really enjoy. By “not enjoying” I mean I just think the meal taste kind of bland. 56 more words

Random Thoughts


What a glorious day to be alive, thank you Lord for all the blessings you bestow on my family and me. Today is so beautiful, bright, sunny, light southerly breezes. 31 more words

My State


Honouring the promise
as sunshine mixed with rain
I saw a massive rainbow
in the sky above again
It stretched across the heavens
a thing of pure delight… 16 more words



The cool wind whipped around her, her short wet hair slapping in her face as she stood in the sand.¬†Glorious¬†was an understatement. Hot sun beating down, saltwater crawling over her ankles–this is what she lived for. 28 more words