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Macklemore Releases Gemini

Gemini is Macklemore’s first album without Ryan Lewis since the 2005 solo album The Language of My World. Macklemore said of the album in an interview with… 116 more words


Dare to speak

“I was quiet, but I was not blind” ~ Jane Austen

And one day I broke my silence, I raised my voice against the unfair. I spoke for the crowd and demanded justice. 311 more words


The land of festivals geared up to welcome Goddess of Strength with longest street Alpona

It is often referred that India is the ‘Land of Festivals’ and I find it very apt.

We are blessed with a diverse culture of people belonging to different religion, caste and community living together, being part of each other festivals. 513 more words

Fall comes to the Rockies

Hello, all! I promise to come out with a real blog post about how much I love autumn and Pumpkin Spice and aspens and snow on the mountains in the fall, but I’m afraid today won’t cut it. 7 more words


The Beauty of Rain

It’s going to rain. The clouds are gathering, dark and heavy. The cold breeze is blowing, carrying with it the freshness and the earthy aroma of wet soil and happiness.

361 more words
Daily Prompts

Example of Living

In your eyes I see the history of a glorious life
One that followed all possibilities
Down avenues of risky adventures
Through jungles of trials and tribulations… 73 more words


I am a very plain writer.No flowery titles,no poetry just good old writing straight from my heart (I pretend to think so about good writing part).Earlier I used to write in diary. 200 more words