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What I would like my family to know

I see the looks I get. Sometimes anger, mostly disappointment. They see me in the same spot on the couch, wearing the same thing I did yesterday. 1,693 more words


This Is For You

My Friend,

It is like this, the worst bout of the kingdom of darkness always sets in at the brink of our breaking forth to a far more glorious level. 49 more words


• God's Supreme & Glorious Reign

Losing the reins over your circumstances is a merciful reminder that God supremely and gloriously reigns over every past, present and future event.

— M.A. Williams

Mark Anthony Williams

Child care, priorities, and millenials

Ok. The question was raised as to why people freak out over the cost of daycare. For the record, my best friend/sister ran her own for about 5 years. 555 more words

Cosmo, comics, and body image

We went to Visioncon over the weekend. It’s your standard comic book/sci fi convention.  Lots of guests, local authors, vendors, and cosplayers. Cosplay is dressing up in costume as a character. 684 more words



It is now
in this moment
that I am truly amazed
at how glorious
Allah really is.
The extent of His Power.

Verily, His command when He…

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Bright Start ! Not The End.

Don’t cry my friend for something happened in the past.
Consider it as a hard lesson to learn from.For nothing can
help you to succeed than a painful trial. 34 more words

My Thoughts And Ideas In The Journey Of Life