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It’s happening again
That wanderlust of the mind
Scattered thoughts in all directions
As petite as they may be
What a glorious way
To stomp out what’s left… 28 more words



old men playing chess
on a chilly afternoon
fumbling every move

~~ ~~ ~~

a glorious game
checkmate in only three moves—
the wily old man…
36 more words

Carpe Diem

bleach, autism, and medical quackery can kill your children

Ok, I’m probably going to irritate a couple people, but I saw something yesterday that I can’t unseen and absolutely need to voice my opinion about. 615 more words

New glasses

This is me, one year ago, with my new glasses. I think I need new ones already.

Peace and Glory

All of humanity longs for peace.  We look for a place where we can live without being at war, without feeling attacked all the time, where we can rest and be confident without conflict.   286 more words

Spiritual Growth

Diffused Triumphs

How magnificently obvious and roaring is the Majestic power of God.

A plane had flown from east to west, leaving a trail of disturbance. A disturbance that was never intended to be, in the beginning. 77 more words


Somehow Glorious

Today I am uninspired
My knees are weak, my eyes are tired
The week’s been long, the nights too short
I am all spent, what’s left is naught. 84 more words