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Winter 2018 #SOTD

Thanks to the year-end Song of the Day contest it has been over two months since the last SOTD post! That’s just crazy, and you need that song fix. 281 more words


Best of the hinduism in time of Jesus...

“The Supreme One is brilliant beyond description; he is the Light of Lights. Every heart and every world is illuminated by this divine light. God is our protector — he stands by the side of his creatures — and those who learn to know him become immortal. 56 more words

Non Classé

The beauty before the mystery

Paris, you never seize to enlighten and inspire me with your beauty as the sun begins to set. I’ve learned to soften into the in-betweens, to be content with the not-knowing, to innately understand that it’s fine to stop all of the reaching for a bit and just be and believe in this exact moment, the in-between.

Pont Alexandre III, Paris

By Request, 'Glorious'

Susan didn’t believe me when I said I was done posting Christmas songs–oh, well, I’m afraid nobody believes me. She asked for this one, so here it is: … 15 more words


Journal Entry No. 10

Dear Friend,

I went to work this morning whilst the rain was getting heavy. I had to snuck out and pretend that I’d never come late but to no avail because, truth is, I was late by one minute which was surprisingly better than I expected. 207 more words

Dear Friend

Flash fiction: Glorious

“Glooorious! No i wont give in, no i wont give in until im victorious!”, the speakers hammered loudly throughout the arena. The earth vibrated by the soundwaves alone. 136 more words


Catching up to 2018

I’m finally digging out from the hustle and bustle that always is the month of December, Christmas, and the new year. We are embracing our fourth snow day here in our neck of the woods. 3,388 more words