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Some dance to remember

The summer I turned fourteen a cute boy living in my street gave a party at his parent’s house, he was older than me, and rumors said there would be under-the-counter beers. 248 more words

Born In The USA

Liberia: Glory Days by Bai T. Moore

I wandered in the moonlit night

to the view of the glory past

The ruins of those pioneer days

were silhouetted against the light

where once stood mansions decked with pride… 100 more words

Poetry & Spoken Word

2015 Lent 18

Jeremiah 7:21-34

More doom and gloom from the lone prophet to the stiff-necked people.

But here’s something for us to consider.  They “looked backwards rather than forwards” (v. 421 more words

Lent 2015

Bye, Bye Radio Shack

I had a bit of a surprise at the mall yesterday. I made the usual rounds of my favorite stores (at least the ones that are still left): the Apple Store, Starbucks, Best Buy Mobile. 281 more words


The five elements

If someone, in a far too cheap diner, someday somehow would found a secret passage leading to alter the time-space continuum, and consequently deprived me of Bruce’s music in my whole life, a chain reaction of events will activate, ending with me reduced, simply diminished, of 5 essential features. 494 more words

Bruce Springsteen

Glory Days

Composed 2/19/15
Description: For Writing 201: Day 5, which tells us to write an elegy using fog and metaphor.

Thinking about the past and fog together reminded me of dementia, about which I have ever-increasing experience. 132 more words