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Day 456 — I didn't peak in college, and that's okay

Sunday, Aug. 21, 2016 9:35 a.m. — Day 456 ( I think)

It’s been so long since I last posted, so forgive me if my counting skills are wrong and today is not actually the 456th day. 626 more words

My Story

The Soul of Glory - 3

The sun peeked above the horizon and sped across the ocean to a strip of sand that used to be a beach. One by one, piles of rubble were illuminated on a landscape changed forever in a single, dreadful night. 1,272 more words

The Soul of Glory - 2

A frenzy of activity and machinery rousted boats from their slumber like a string of light bulbs flickering on, one at a time.

That was a quick winter, 687 more words

The Soul of Glory - 1

      Throughout history, ships have been christened with the names of royal ladies, great leaders and legendary places. Every boat owner experiences the ritual, the excitement, the struggle, and the ultimate joy of finding the right name…or maybe the spirit of that perfect name finds you. 675 more words

I believe in moons

“Martian moons are Phobos and Deimos,

the latter translated as Panic,” I told you then.

It was mid-way through our junior year–our glory days.

I would leave you that very next week for California. 48 more words


Reunion: Meeting Classmates from Almost Thirty Years Past

In 1988, twenty eight years ago, I graduated from Birchwood Junior High. As part of an experimental Late-French Immersion program, top students were chosen to spend three years intensely learning French in all of the core subjects. 991 more words

The Purge - The Power of Our "Stuff"

What keeps us grounded?  Sane? Feeling good about ourselves?  For some it is a bathroom drawer full of makeup, or a closet full of different style shoes, or a bookshelf full of books – these things really can give us a sense of pride. 543 more words