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Lose The Bench Press For Good

It’s Time To Let Go:

I’m sure that all of you reading this are asking yourselves what the hell is this guy smoking? The bench is a workout staple, everyone benches, I have to wait in line most days to even get a set in. 2,112 more words

Workout Program For Post Grads

Blackberry Keeps Trying

Oh, I remember my Blackberry phones. My Blackberry 7100t and Blackberry Pearl were great. I still miss the unified inbox feature where all my chats and emails would show up together. 131 more words


Waiting for the siren's call

Round 8 2002

Collingwood         5.1.31       8.9.57    14.12.96    17.12.114
Brisbane Lions   7.2.44    10.5.65      12.9.81     16.15.111

VENUE: Colonial Stadium
DATE: Saturday 18 May
CROWD: 46,279
UMPIRES: Sheehan, Ellis, Nicholls… 2,010 more words

Glory Days

Music and Improving Your Workout Performance

Think Back:

You’re in your prime sitting at your locker just before heading out to the field against a big rival or important match up to stay alive in the playoffs. 891 more words

Workout Program For Post Grads

Glory Days Restaurant, Clay City, Indiana

We were in western Indiana to do a 5k, and I knew that I wanted to try a tenderloin in the area.

My friend and cousin Casey Winningham had recently been to the Glory Days restaurant in Clay  City, Indiana, and since that was just a few miles from the event, we thought it would be a nice way to recover. 477 more words

Back To The Starting Line: 8-Weeks To Feeling Great and Looking The Part Too

Setting The Stage:

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment. Unless you are “that guy” in your friend’s group that took the CrossFit red pill and became part of their cult following or started running marathons, you have let yourself go a little bit over the past few years since hitting the real world. 3,881 more words

Workout Program For Post Grads