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The Glory Hole aka Mystery hole

Hey fellas, have you tried our glory hole yet?  No!…Well what are you waiting for? This is one of our most popular services we offer, besides all the other kinky stuff we get up to. 132 more words

Glory Hole

Photo Blog Post No-2 for 2018

Gday Dear Reader

Okay so I have been a little busy and I’ve just been going through all My photos from January and realised that I hadn’t posted them up yet. 122 more words


Par Milan Loranger


Sous la faible lueur d’une ampoule de quarante watts, je contemple l’engin. Quelques secondes s’écoulent avant que je ne me décide d’avancer la tête vers l’orifice pratiqué au milieu du mur. 1,753 more words


Glazed Donuts: Glory Hole

Craving for donuts but could not afford the calories?  Strictly Liquids have the tastiest glazed donuts vape juice to satisfy your sweet tooth.

The sweetness and zing of the time-honored glazed donut! 28 more words


Tuesday 19th January 1988

Now that I’ve published my diary from 1985 I’m turning my attention to 1986. This was the last full year in the eighties that I managed to keep a daily record of what was going on in my world. 951 more words


O Love, your eyes lose lure: The Somme, Part 3

On the morning of July 1, 57,470 men on the Allies side were killed, wounded, went missing or were taken prisoner. Figures for the German side are harder to come by, but estimates say that there were between 10,000 – 12,000 German casualties that day. 746 more words


Anon House Pt. 3: Lifestyle

Mary felt like she had been put through the wringer by the end of the night. When 4am rolled around and the last man left AnonHouse, it was all she could do to crawl completely through the hole in the wall and keep her legs under her when she stood. 2,045 more words

Second Life