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Discarding fragments in OpenGL

‘I am a simple man,’ Arkwood said. I was silent.

‘I carry simple pleasures. A garden, perhaps. A smallholding on which to plant my veg-i-ta-bles.’ He leaned forward and frowned. 248 more words


ARTHUR - Real Time OpenGL Rendering

Recently, I decided to work a bit more on OpenGL. I did have some knowledge on the OpenGL fixed pipeline, but had never explored the modern, configurable pipeline. 171 more words


Reconstruct position from depth in GLSL

It sure is not the most efficient way to do it, but it accomplishes what I want : slim down the g-buffer to save some bandwidth. 30 more words


OpenGL Built-in Variables (GLSL ), gl_Normal

NVidia hardware indices are reserved for built-in attributes GLSL: 135 more words


Update 8: Grass Rendering

I started some experiments with parallax mapped grass, they didn’t turn out to successful. With parallax mapping the grass can not extend out onto other geometry which made it look pretty dull. 210 more words


Gooch shading

Today I decided to write a simple first blog post about something in graphics. I picked Gooch shading because I started reading Realtime Rendering book and one of first effects was Gooch shading. 320 more words